Get tips to wear pretty gothic clothes from a comic book!

April 21st, 2013


Do you like gothic, Lolita type of clothes? If you are looking for how to look good with gothic/ lolita clothes, Misa misa from a comic book “Death Note” can help you.


My husband is a singer of a rock band. He likes gothic style. Before I met him, I don’t have any gothic types of clothes, but when he told me “I like misa misa type of clothes” it was much easier for me to understand what kind of clothes he likes. It requires great amount of courage to put that kind of sexy clothes and go out in normal days, but if there is a cosplay party or Halloween, it is a chance to enjoy youself with the new look.


I bought black top like the picture (well it didn’t come with the knife stuff though) white Lolita type skirt and a sexy tights like the girl in the picture puts. I knew he would like that, but I really couldn’t find an opportunity to put them on. First time I put them was when we went out to do some clothes shopping, I thought it would be lovely to put his favorite clothes on date, but then we met one of his friend in the classy bar so I felt completely outsider to put manga clothes in such a classy bar. The second time was a barbecue party. In that barbecue party, the dress code was “rock and roll” so for me, it was a good idea to make a revenge with my secret costume. I put the black top, tights and the white mini skirt, when we arrived, I regretted what I put. Even the dress code was “rock and roll” most of people put biker type of clothes. I was only one who put Lolita type of clothes. Although I regretted my clothes choice, I do like the picture we took on that day. I look having fun and lovely with the misa misa clothes.


This experience told me 2 things. I can look pretty good in the cosplay type clothes and anybody look lovely in any clothes if they enjoy themselves in the clothes. When you have fun, your smile is lovely pictures tell you how fun you had that day.


The gothic Lolita types of clothes are pretty expensive, especially if you want to buy them abroad. In Japan, There are some cheap stores where you can find everything you need to be a cute Misa misa. These clothes are something we don’t put every day, so if you are interested to dress like her, find Japanese web shop or do shopping when you visit Japan!


Spring is arrived. We don’t need thick coat anymore. It’s the chance to show off your cute new look!


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Misa Amane @ Nijikon 2010


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Be stunning with Hakama

March 30th, 2013

Just Graduated

Doesn’t she look lovely in Hakama? It is the season of graduation ceremonies in Japan. For boys it is another day of putting business suits, but for girls it is another exciting day to put a traditional costume. Since I didn’t graduate Japanese university, I didn’t have an opportunity to put one of them, but I saw a lot of pictures of my friends putting them on Facebook. I feel sorry that I couldn’t let my parents see me in Hakama. Being a mother told me that it does make you cry when you see your child grows up. Even my son is only 6 weeks old, now he can do things he couldn’t do when he was born. Even small things make me cry every time. I can’t even imagine what is it like to see your children graduating from a university. I will find other chances to make my parents proud of me.

So this pretty looking Hakama is not just for girls. It is used for sports Kendo as well.


I have to say it looks so sexy when guy puts it, of course when women put it too. Almost all junior high schools and high schools have Kendo club as an after school activity. Most of members are boys, but there are some girls who play Kendo too. In my high school, there were like 20 boys and just 1 girl was in the club. The girl looked really stunning with her Hakama among boys. Everybody in the school knew about her. When they trained outside, many students looked at her and talked about her. She was a cute girl, but I have to admit that if she was a member of a tennis club (in which there are 30 of girls), nobody would really talked about her or watched her, but in the Hakama and being alone in such a boyish club made her famous in the school. So every time I look at a Hakama, I think about her. For me, Hakama is a symbol of a strong girl. For boys, it did look good on them, I have to say. Even a boy looks a bit lazy in a school uniform the Hakama transformed him as a Japanese strong boy.

Since there is a popular anime “Rurou ni Kenshin”, there are lots of Hakama that you can buy online. If you like the style and the price is not too expensive, I really recommend you to get one! It does change people. Since Japanese people are often short, it looks good on tall person and also very good on short people as well. If you feel cosplay needs great figure, Hakama will tell you that you are wrong. You will look stunning just like my friend from high school!

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photos by: tata_aka_T & Sklathill

Fashionable or inappropriate? Tattoo in Japan

March 5th, 2013


Do you have any tattoos on you? If not, what is your opinion about tattoos? In Japan, the life can be a bit tougher if you have a tattoo especially somewhere we can see pretty easily. Tattoo is something gang members have, that is the image some people have about tattoos in Japan. It is a shame because Japanese tattoo technique is one of the best ones in the world. When there is an international competition, we can see one or two Japanese names on the list of the people who got prizes. Even tattoos are not appreciated in Japanese society, it has a long history in Japan.

Now some young TV stars or singers show their tattoo in public to say having tattoo doesn’t mean they are not serious people or dangerous people, but it doesn’t go so easily it seems. There is a traditional music show on 31st December. It is called “Kouhaku Uta Gassen”. Kouhaku means red and white, Uta means songs, Gassen means a war or a fight. It is a music show that red team and white team compete with gorgeous singers and performance. Since it is run by National TV channel, many old people watch the show too. The songs are Japanese traditional music, pop music and recent songs to entertain to all the age groups of people. The show includes many back dancers and gorgeous light works. Some years ago on the show, one of back dancers had a tattoo on his back. The dancer was on TV just a few second, but still so many calls to complain the tattooed guy in public are made to the show.  Since the incident, the show has a strict rule that no one with tattoo can be on the stage.

Japan is clearly not the easiest country to live for people who have big tattoo on their bodies, but it starts to get easier little by little. Especially if you are a foreigner, many companies compromise the point that you have tattoo on somewhere on your body. They surely ask you to hide the tattoo in some way, but if you can hide them, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if you are willing to be a public worker in Japan, it can be a problem. It is written in their guide book that they don’t hire somebody with tattoo.

My husband has 2 rock band kind tattoos on his shoulder and on his chest. When I first saw them, I was a bit surprised because it was a first time to see tattoos on my boyfriend, but by living in France for 2 years, I am so used to it now. Here in France, even you are in military, police, public office many people have tattoos and they are not hiding it at all.

Different country, different rules, what is your opinion about it?

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Ears and a tale is the secret of cuteness in Japan!

February 12th, 2013

288/365 - Dotty

Ears or a tale, I know it is something animals have, but if your girlfriend puts them one day, what do you think? You think you would like them? Or do you want to try to put them on? Ears and tales have been popular among young girls in Japan.

I had never tried, but one of my friends had a knit cap with cat ears on. I am sorry, but first time I saw that, I just laughed. It just looks really childish. It is surely cute, but for my friend, 23 years old, it was a bit odd. It can be pretty cute if it was a Halloween day, or she was less than 10 years old. I have never seen somebody I know putting a tale behind the body, but I’ve seen some girls with tales in city. It doesn’t look so shocking though. It just looks a kind of cosplay I would say. In my opinion, it looks less shocking if the other clothes she put are also kind of cosplay type of clothes. I saw some girls with a white t-shirt, jeans and a tale behind. It looked a bit weird. It reminded me a game we used to play in our kinder garden. It was called “tale tale”. All the kids put a tale at the elastic parts of their pants and run with them. We have to try to get tales from others while watching out not to be taken our own tales by somebody else. The last one who keeps the tale will be a winner. We did it in our kinder garden and also in our elementary school as a sports activity.

Putting ears and a tale doesn’t directly mean cosplay, but there are cafes that all the waitresses put the animal ears and tales. It is a same kind of café with a maid café. Now there are so many maid cafes everywhere in big cities, so people are trying to look for some ways to attract customers with new ideas. If you are not so sure if you like the girls with ears and a tale, why not to look for a café like that and try to see it with your own eyes. For girls who hesitate to put ears and a tale, but would love to try, there are 2 ways that I can think of. Working in one of the café or put them as a pajama. There are lots of cute pajamas with ears and a tale for sweet nights.

It is not tough at all to find them in Japan. If you visit Japan and think somebody you know would like the idea, get some as souvenirs! It is very Japanese souvenirs I would say.

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photo by: Helga Weber

Smile is the key!- Beautiful model Rinka

February 11th, 2013

love myself - 梨花

Being a mother is a very tough job. There is one very beautiful mother who had a difficult pregnancy and delivery but finally got his son in her arms. Her name is Rinka. On fashion magazines, she looks absolutely stunning with beautiful clothes. In TV shows, she looks just like a girl who smiles and always has absolutely fun in any situations.

For me she was another skinny model, but after I got pregnant, she is no longer just another model for me. I start to read her blog and fascinated by her way of thinking. Even with her busy schedule, she makes time to hang out with her son, do house jobs, go to shopping, do exercise and cook healthy meals for her and her husband. I am not a mother yet, but even I don’t work I complain that I don’t have time to do many things. It is completely an excuse. I do have time if I plan my day better and not use my time to internet or TV. Every time I look at her blog she inspires me to be a better woman. Now my son can come out in any moment. I want to be an active, smart mother for him.

Doing exercise is something fun, but if you are not motivated, it is extremely unpleasant thing to think that I have to go to do some exercise to lose some weight or tight my body. It is stressing to think like that. Stress stops our body to have a full result from the exercise as well. I am somebody who loves to do sports, but once it becomes an obligation, the sports suddenly look like a boring chore. If you look the pictures she put on her blog, you will see what I meant. She has a very popular personal trainer to look after her body. Her pictures are always smiling even in the intense exercise. I can see that she is enjoying herself in any moment of her life.

She doesn’t hide her negative thinking or bad things either. We all have a bad day once a while. We have days that we just want to scream and leave everything behind. The important thing is how to recover from such a gray day. Hiding and eat lots of chocolate is one way, but it is much healthier to speak out and tell people that you have a problem. If we don’t tell anybody that we have a problem, nobody can help us.

The strong, beautiful, very creative mother now has her own fashion brand and a café. Just like she inspired me, she is inspiring lots of other women.

I can’t wait to see how she will surprise me in the future.

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photo by: chinnian
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