A bag or cry for help, top brand and Japanese girls

November 30th, 2012

In your closet, how many top brand products do you have? It doesn’t need to be clothes, but bags, wallets, umbrella anything. In Japan, if you walk 5 min inside a busy train station, you can easily find 5 people with the top brand products. The thing is they don’t always look so rich. Sometimes it is high school student or sometimes it is a housewife with a kid. What does it mean? Are these products fakes? It is pretty possible that they have fake products, but sometimes they do have a real one. When I was in high school, some of the girls brought the expensive bags to the school. I am not so familiar with top brands name and design, so I just notice the very obvious one like Luis Vouitton or CHANEL.

When I was in handball team in the high school, one of the team members got a beautiful wallet from her boyfriend for her birthday gift. It was a real CHANEL. It seems her boyfriend worked all summer to buy the one month salary wallet for her. I was really surprised by the story. I knew her boyfriend was working, but the thing is he was my classmate. He wasn’t somebody who have full time job. So this guy really had to work hard to get this present with very low salary for the high school student. My friend was happy about the gift, but she was a bit confused by the far too expensive gift for her age. I asked him why he chose such a present for her and he said her best friend said that his girlfriend wanted the wallet for a long time. So he decided to get one for his lovely girl. It is a nice story, but I hoped that they were agreed on the value of the present.

Here in France I have to say I have almost never seen a young girl with a top brand product. I don’t mean to offend anybody, but I do see some Muslim women with the top brand bags. Japan had been a men’s society for a long time. Still in 2012, women and men are not completely equal. Since the Muslim society has a same situation, it is because of that? Women feel they have some values with the expensive brand product? Here, I found many similarities on fashion with Japanese and women from Muslim countries.

Does it mean in 20 years from now in the world women can say their opinions freely less people have top brand things? I will see that in 20 years.

Thank you to read my article.


photo by: colros

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