A mask for fashion and health?

January 9th, 2013

Maksed Have you seen a person who put a mask on a street? I would say “Are you ok? Of course I’ve seen one!” if I live in Japan, but if not I can’t really say that. I have never seen somebody with a mask in France except for in a hospital or a dentist. The mask I am talking about here is not the one spider man or batman puts. It is the mask like a doctor puts to cover their mouth and nose. In winter, like one third of people put a mask in Japan. It is considered as a manner to put a mask if you are sick not to make other people sick too. Now many people put masks not to get sick as well. We were told that by putting a mask, the virus don’t come into our body or by putting mask we can keep around our mouth moist so that it is good for our throats. In anyway, it is a good thing to stay healthy in wither. On May 2009, every part of Japan got crazy because of the bird flu. I remember well because my university closed because of the epidemic and it was the week of my birthday. After the flu got our attention, masks disappeared from pharmacies. People tried to buy as much as they can not to get the scary flu. Since my mother was a social worker, she got enough masks from the government. Many shops closed around the time too, but my mother had to go to work every day even there is almost nobody who comes to the city hall where she was working. It was obligation for her to put a mask while she is working. Same thing happened when there was another new flu in 2010. Since these 2 big epidemics, it started to be a normal thing to put a mask in a daily basis, but we have to admit that putting a white mask is not the sexiest thing to do. A mask makes you look sick too. For the people who want to stay fashionable, but still want to put a mask, there is a perfect item in Japan. it is called “fashion mask”. The picture I put is just with hand drawing, but the fashion mask that you can buy in Japan is with a picture that already printed and you can wash. There are many colors, characters and fun ones like with a dog mouth on. We have been told that putting mask does help not to get a cold, but there are some scientists who say a mask doesn’t do anything to prevent sickness. I don’t know who is right, but well if you are somebody who wants to put a mask, but hesitates it because of the ugly looks, try to find a Japanese fashionable mask! Thank you to read my article Ayami

photo by: neys

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