A real Barbie met Japanese makeup

December 17th, 2012

My 3 years old nephew says he wants to be the spider man in the future. He has all the toys and clothes with spider man on them too. So when you were small, you wanted to be a super hero or a princess from Disney movies? When I was small, I was crazy about the Jasmine princess from Disney movie, Aladdin. She is beautiful, strong and kind girl that I wanted to be. Now with all the plastic surgery, makeup and computer skills, everybody can be somebody different.

Today the topic is a real Barbie doll girl who became a new icon of the Japanese popular brand “candy doll”. Candy Doll is a brand that popular model, Ms. Tsubasa Masuwaka created. She is a very famous model to young people. Since she has a son, many young mothers worship her as well. I didn’t like her before because of her too gal look fashion, but recently I do like her. She is a beautiful and cute mother as well, but the biggest reason why I like her is her height. Her height is 150cm. My height is 153cm. It is tough to find a beautiful model smaller than me. I can learn how to choose clothes or makeup through her blogs. Ms. Tsubasa Masuwaka has always presented her brand as a main model. She puts her clothes, make up items and shoes that she designed.

From 2013, new model becomes the icon for the popular brand. Her name is Ms. Takoda Rosa. She is a blogger from USA. She put her video that explains how to put doll make up on youtube. The video made her a huge internet star. She really looks like a doll. Perfect skin, big eyes, skinny nose, perfect balanced body everything. It is tough to believe that she is born that way. Many people say that she must have done millions dollars worth plastic surgery, but let’s say it really doesn’t matter how she got the way she is now. The power of makeup is incredibly powerful as well so unless we are her real friend or something, we never can know the truth.

A girl who wanted to be a real doll met a Japanese doll make up tools. The result is amazing. The pictures they put on the website to introduce their new icon to people, she looks stunning. I can easily guess that many Japanese girls run to the stores to get the items to look as pretty as she is.

I am not sure that if boys want to have a doll as their girlfriends, but there is nothing to stop you to be a doll if you want to be one! Try the new cosmetic items to see the different face in the mirror. It will open new door for you.

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