Adults or big babies in pretty clothes? The ceremony of adults

January 6th, 2013

Do you think 18 years old is an adult? How about 20 years old? In Japan, 20 years old is the age that is considered as an adult. It means we can start smoking and drinking alcohol. We don’t need any more signatures from parents to make official decisions either. To cerebrate to be an adult, there is a big ceremony in each city. It is called “Seijin Shiki”. Seijin means an adult, Shiki means ceremony in Japanese. It is 2nd Monday of January. It is also a national holiday. If you go out on the day, you will see many beautiful girls with colorful Kimono and big hair.

Girls put very special costumes for this big day. It is a special Kimono with long sleeves called “Furisode”. It is a formal Kimono that unmarried girl puts. Since unmarried girls meant very young girl like 15years old girl before, the color of Kimono is often light color like red, pink or yellow with another light color belt to go with. Usually it is very expensive one that parents buy with the money they saved for the day since the girl is born. I put the one my grandmother made. My mother and my aunt wore the same one when they were 20 years old as well. The piece was old, but pretty color and classic patterns made me feel that I really became an adult. I didn’t go to the ceremony because of my work, but I did take many pictures in the very special Kimono with my twin brother. Boys used to put Kimono too, but nowadays they just put formal suits with a tie. Some girls who don’t like traditions or the one who don’t like to dress girly, put suits too, but still most of them wear the special colorful beautiful kimono for the day.

The ceremony itself is just with some speeches from important people of the town and small videos to cerebrate the day, but main point of this ceremony is that we meet our old friends. Usually we join the ceremony in the city that we went to elementary school. There are some people that they meet each other first time in 10 years. It is a bit like elementary school reunion in very pretty clothes. From 20 years old, we can officially drink alcohol.

Unfortunately, many news shows have special news after the second Monday of January to tell us the new adults made huge messes with alcohol or attacked mayor when he made speech or other weird news like that to tell that new adults didn’t stay good boys/girls on the day. I hope this year we don’t see any news like that in the Monday night.

Thank you to read my article.


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