Be beautiful! Makeup boys!

November 7th, 2012

Boys with makeup- does it sound weird to you? I have a very good friend in Japan who put makeup regularly. He is actually the witness of our marriage as well. He visited us in France twice. The first time he came, his hair was all blond and looked so shiny. As you all know, natural color for Japanese people are black or dark brown. For the second time he visited us, he had makeup on his face. I don’t put so much makeup in usual time, so it was exactly like my makeup, a bit of eye liners and some colors on the eyes to look pretty. I have to admit that he did look nice. With makeup, he looks more healthy and energized. I noticed that he gets more confidence about how he looks with the makeup as well. He is a shy boy who loves to play guitar. Since he is a member of a rock music band, he puts lots of black makeup for his live show. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see his live show yet, but in the picture, he does look stunning with nice costume and vivid makeup. There are people who say something harsh to the boys who put makeup, but I wish all the people just try to put a bit of makeup on their face first. They see the difference in 2 second with a bit of liquid foundation or small eye liners. There are no women or men difference for the feeling that you want to look better and healthy.

In Japan, there are more and more men who put make up just like women. There are 2 kinds of people who put makeup. 1, young people want to look nice and cool like their rock stars. There are also many boys who put just a bit of makeup to cover their acne or tired skin from the hangover. 2nd group is successful office workers. They have to go through stressful, hard working environment to get the results. The work can be tiring. The stress and tiredness is never good for the skins and eyes to look healthy. For the sales men or the ones who have to meet a lot of clients even they slept just 4 hours a night, makeup magic will help to look healthy and motivated to the new project or the big job that comes to their hands.

I only know one friend who puts makeup regularly, so I can’t say much how I feel about all the makeup things for boys. When my friend started to put makeup, I just simply thought it suits him. When he did too much of them, I criticize a bit exactly like I do for girls.

If your friend put makeup tomorrow and say hi to you, will you be shocked?

Thank you to read my article.


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