Be healthy, Be beautiful- Charismatic personal trainer Ms.Hiromi Kashiki

February 5th, 2013

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Do you have a secret method to stay in a good shape? If yes, you are a very lucky person or you made enough efforts to learn how to stay fit. Even Japanese girls are much smaller and skinnier than girls in other countries, shockingly 81 percent of Japanese girls still want to lose more weight. Skinny doesn’t mean beautiful. If they just don’t eat enough and do crazy amount of exercises, they will be far from beautiful. If the body is not healthy, it is not a real beauty. To prove the theory, there is a charismatic personal trainer in Japan. Her name is Ms. Kashiki Hiromi.

I knew her from magazines and TV shows, but never really paid attention until I get pregnant. She is a pioneer of exercise while pregnancy and after the pregnancy. She makes exercises to coop with contractions to help future mothers. It is not too tough nor need special equipments, but just need our own body and a bit of motivation to continue.

It is amazing that so many Japanese actresses, models are clients of Ms.Kashiki. In her blog, everyday there is a very famous person with their beautiful bodies is doing exercises with her. No wonder she is so popular among Japanese women now. I was really shocked when I learned how old she is. I thought she is around 30 years old, but actually she is 50 years old. My mother is 52 years old. I know how 50 something woman looks like. It is just unbelievable how young she looks. Her body, smile and way of thinking make her look very young. Everybody must want to know her secret. That is why her book and DVD work so well.

Since she is on lots of fashion magazine or health magazines, her image is more like a personal trainer for celebrity, but she is a personal trainer for professional athletes too. There are lots of top Japanese athletes in her client list. She was in London to support one of the marathon runners for the London Olympic.

Body, diet, exercise are always the topic girls talk about. If girls talk more than 1 hour, surely the words of diet or exercise come out from somebody’s mouth. If it is just a fun talk, it is ok but we shouldn’t be too strict. Beautiful girl is somebody who eats properly and be healthy enough to live the full life. If a girl doesn’t eat enough and be sick all the time, it is far from attractive girl.

Ms. Kashiki’s exercise is one of the choices. In 2013, I will try to find a good method to stay fit physically and mentally. If you don’t have your own way yet, why not to look for one with me?

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photo by: Helga Weber

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