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March 30th, 2013

Just Graduated

Doesn’t she look lovely in Hakama? It is the season of graduation ceremonies in Japan. For boys it is another day of putting business suits, but for girls it is another exciting day to put a traditional costume. Since I didn’t graduate Japanese university, I didn’t have an opportunity to put one of them, but I saw a lot of pictures of my friends putting them on Facebook. I feel sorry that I couldn’t let my parents see me in Hakama. Being a mother told me that it does make you cry when you see your child grows up. Even my son is only 6 weeks old, now he can do things he couldn’t do when he was born. Even small things make me cry every time. I can’t even imagine what is it like to see your children graduating from a university. I will find other chances to make my parents proud of me.

So this pretty looking Hakama is not just for girls. It is used for sports Kendo as well.


I have to say it looks so sexy when guy puts it, of course when women put it too. Almost all junior high schools and high schools have Kendo club as an after school activity. Most of members are boys, but there are some girls who play Kendo too. In my high school, there were like 20 boys and just 1 girl was in the club. The girl looked really stunning with her Hakama among boys. Everybody in the school knew about her. When they trained outside, many students looked at her and talked about her. She was a cute girl, but I have to admit that if she was a member of a tennis club (in which there are 30 of girls), nobody would really talked about her or watched her, but in the Hakama and being alone in such a boyish club made her famous in the school. So every time I look at a Hakama, I think about her. For me, Hakama is a symbol of a strong girl. For boys, it did look good on them, I have to say. Even a boy looks a bit lazy in a school uniform the Hakama transformed him as a Japanese strong boy.

Since there is a popular anime “Rurou ni Kenshin”, there are lots of Hakama that you can buy online. If you like the style and the price is not too expensive, I really recommend you to get one! It does change people. Since Japanese people are often short, it looks good on tall person and also very good on short people as well. If you feel cosplay needs great figure, Hakama will tell you that you are wrong. You will look stunning just like my friend from high school!

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photos by: tata_aka_T & Sklathill

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