Boys with nail arts!

November 23rd, 2012

First article I wrote for this website was about Japanese boys who put skirts as a fashion. Since I had a friend who puts skirts regularly, I didn’t think it is that big deal, but this one, I was surprised. The latest fashion for boys is boys with nail color. There are new nail salons that open just for boys or the special books for boys to teach how to care their nails. Since it is something pretty girly, lots of boys are embarrassed to ask how to do these things to the girls. I don’t know any boys who treat their nails in a nail salon, but I have to admit that I don’t like boys with dirty hands. Since I love cooking, when I see my friends it is often for dinner or tea with something I made by myself. I feel more comfortable if the men’s hands are nicely clean on the table.
It seems it is not just me who think in this way. According to statistic, the first part women watch of the men they first meet is hand. It is because the first intimate contact is often holding hands. So if it is true, having a clean hand is a key to the successful first date?

I love to have beautiful nails like my friends do, but since my job is in kitchen, it is not that possible option for me. I do treat myself with a bit of color on my nails when I have more than 1 week off. Some of my friends are so into the nail fashions. They put many different colors to enjoy themselves. It is just so pretty and joyful to see the girls who enjoy themselves. My friend once did the beautiful nail arts on my nails when she came over for a cup of tea and cakes. I felt a bit odd since I don’t have colors on my nails often, but I loved the feeling that now I have nail arts. I felt I was a lady, but unfortunately, my husband didn’t like them. He said it is too unnatural to have so colorful nails on somebody’s hands. I am pretty disappointed by his reaction, but it seems many boys don’t like all the colorful, unnatural nail works. If the boys even don’t like the color on girls, how the boys can like the nail care on their own?

The nail salons for boys do the colors, but mostly it is polishing and transparent color treatments. If it is just a polishing, nobody will notice that these boys went to salon, but the nail will definitely look better after the treatment. I know the feeling that when my nail is nicely cared, I feel like I became a lady. If it is same story to the boys, maybe the well cared nail will make you feel gentlemen?

If you didn’t try yet, start from the nail care kit that you can find in a drug store. It is not as good as the nail salon, but it will give you a hint how you would feel about the nail care.

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