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February 3rd, 2013

Handmade dark chocolate : meets : hot milk to indulge @ The NH KRASNAPOLSKY HOTEL : AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands : ENJOY! :)

Have you already decided the Valentine gift for her/him? If not, I have some recommendations for you. Chocolate is something good to eat, but if it became a shampoo or massage oil, do you want to use it?

In Japan, Valentine is all about chocolate. Many girls are crazy what to make or buy to get a guy they want. Before I get married to my husband, I was one of them too. It was more like I was enjoying being in love. It wasn’t necessarily with my boyfriend. It was fun to hang out with girls and talk about what to do for the Valentine’s Day. It was the best part. The part that I have to call him, ask him to meet in somewhere and give the chocolate was just a moment that I couldn’t even think about. Maybe he wouldn’t come or maybe he has already somebody special to be with. It had never been a peaceful Valentine’s Day until I get steady boyfriend in my university. I think for most of Japanese teenage girls it is like that. On the 14th February, girls gather in a class room to encourage each other to give chocolates to boys. It is very fun and cute time, but after the high school, it won’t work like that.

First, homemade chocolate is a bit risky choice to give if you are not in couple. If you are already pretty close, it can be a good choice to show your cooking skill, but if you don’t know him much, it is a bit odd I would say. Alcohol is a good option if you know his favorite type of liquor or so, but if not it is difficult to choose too. My recommendation is “chocolate beauty items”. It sounds a bit feminine, but now in Japan every year more and more esthetic items for men are sold. There are so many choices, but I think massage oil is an interesting choice if you are in couple. Because even I love all the beauty goods, a shampoo with chocolate smell is a bit weird even it has great power to make my hair beautiful. If it is a massage oil with chocolate aroma, you can actually do massage to him with a candle and romantic music in your bed room. Fancy chocolate is a good present too, but for guys who work hard every day, the chocolate massage should be a very good treat. If you are not in couple, good skin conditioner or base treatment would be good if he is somebody who enjoys self treatment.

I used chocolate hand cream once. It was good, but it made me hungry all day. I smell chocolate, so my brain asked me to put some in my mouth. Maybe it will happen to your guy too. If you do this chocolate treat, buy some chocolate just in case he asks you.

Thank you to read my article.

Happy Valentine to everyone!


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