Cute mountain girls in skirt!

November 3rd, 2012

What is your latest hobby? The hobby you started pretty recently. Mine will be baking homemade bread. The hobbies are always something nice to stimulate our busy lives. There are hobbies that you continue for years and there are ones that you start and quit in a few months. The latest activity that is getting popular among young people in Japan is hiking. Usually, the hiking is something for old people who want to have some activity in nature and at the same time want to train the lower body muscle for the future. The place my parents lives have some 500m or 1km mountains around. In the week end, lots of people around 50 years old come to the city with back pack on their back to have a healthy day in the mountain.

In 21st century, why the hiking gets so popular? There are some facts to support this boom, the biggest one is the fashion. Now there are girls who are called “mountain girls” in towns. It really doesn’t mean all the girls like to go to mountain. It is the way of calling the girls who put the clothes that we usually put to go to outdoor activities like rain boots, solid nylon jacket and back packs. This word “mountain girl” is on the magazine these 2-3 years. Like I mentioned, it doesn’t mean all the girls with the mountain clothes love to go to mountains, but there are girls who join the hiking club with their fashionable mountain clothes. The clothes for hiking are usually very solid and useful, but I can’t say that if I want to put them to go to date or have a nice dinner with my friends. For the girls like me, the sport’s wear makers are now selling the cute pop color clothes for hiking. The one they sell most is skirts for the hiking. It is like a skirt for tennis or badminton, the mini skirt with stretch clothe. It is recommended to wear a pair of tights or long sox to protect the skin in case you fall or the insect bites. The combination of the skirts and tights are very easy to walk and help women with little muscle to keep on going. For the one who have concerns for the muscle pain after, there are special tights to keep a good movement when you walk. With the tights, your muscle moves smoothly so that you don’t have muscle pain everywhere next day.

The fat big legs are always the enemies for all the women. If you can put cute clothes and have fun with friends in the mountain, it would be the perfect exercise! If you are looking for a new activity now, take a look at the sports shop near your place.

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photo by: 2493™

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