Do they need clothes too? – Cat with clothes

September 18th, 2012

Last week, I published an article with dog’s clothes. This weekend, I was talking with my best friend on Skype. She asked me how the job is going and I told her about some articles I wrote. Then she said something very interesting… “There are 2 people who put clothes on their cats in my apartment”. Ok, I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before, but of course! If there are dogs with clothes, obviously there are cats with clothes too.
When we talked about this cat fashion movement, one thing hit my brain. It was around the place my husband lived before we started to live together. He lived in a small town. I went this town often to talk in park or go to restaurant around his place 2-3 times a week. Then, sometimes I see a guy around 50 years old with his cat. He puts the lead to his cat like the one you put to dogs. The surprising thing was that the cat was very well educated. The length of the lead wasn’t that long. If cat got crazy because of some dogs or some incident and jump as high as he/she can, the lead will choke his/her neck for sure.

So, I understand there are people who treat their cat exactly like dogs. I looked for a picture to put on this article and here it is “a cat with clothes”. I had a cat when I was younger. With my personally memory, I can’t imagine how people can put clothes on cats! My cat was very independent. She came to me to ask food or some strokes, but when I try to put her collar, that was it. She got really mad and scratched me like I am trying to kill her or something. I can’t even imagine how it will be like if I try to put her clothes! I saw some clothes for cats in internet, but compared to the ones for dogs, there are fewer clothes. Mostly they sell the necklace or cute neck motif. Maybe like my cat, not so many cat let their owner dress them up.

I have seen a cat in a storoller when I was walking to supermarket. It was very shocking, but here in France, I saw a very old woman put her 2 Chihuahua in a stroller as well. As we all know, if you love something or someone a lot, people take unexpected behavior.
Now many people enjoy the different members of family in Japan. Rabbit, penguin, duck, pigs and more, I can’t wait to see how the pet clothes companies will sell in near future for these new companion animals.

Thank you to read my article.

Yes, it is Monday! But let’s have a nice week days!


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