Do they need clothes?

September 9th, 2012

Yesterday at dinner party, we suddenly started talk about dog lovers. The yesterday’s host has a dog (I am sorry, I never can remember the name of dog in French) they love their dog very much, but sometimes, love can drive people crazy.

Here in France, I have never seen a dog with clothes. How about in your country? In Japan, it is really easy to find a dog with cute, expensive, fashionable clothes. Why? It is just because they love their dogs. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the restaurant I was walking for had a lot of customers with dogs. Saturday or Sunday morning, many customers stopped by our place to take a late breakfast or tea. It was pretty interesting to see how they dress up and what they give to their precious dogs.
One day, a customer asked me to make a birthday cake to her dog. Well, I was in charge of dessert section, so I took commands sometimes for kid’s birthday party or wedding anniversary cake. I lost a word a bit for a moment when she asked me, but why not? If the dog is like a kid for her, it is normal that she wants to order a cake for him. So, I asked with what I should make a cake. I imagined that the dog wants to eat nice meaty cake for his birthday? Not cream, fruits chocolate one, but the answer was, sweet, usual cake, but not with fruits inside. It seems the dog loves sweet things. No wonder her golden Retriever was as heavy as me.

(photo: Pampered Paw Gifts Dog Birthday Cakes by pamperedpawgifts)

Let’s go back to dog’s clothes. Once I went to shopping with my friend to buy a shampoo for her dog. It was special shop to buy everything for dogs. I was really surprised by the price of the clothes!! It costs as much as or more than normal clothes for us!!! I can guess that they have to cut the cloth carefully depending on which kind of dogs will wear it, but still! Well example, this sweet looking sweater will cost you 30 American dollars.

(photo : Hand Knit Dog Sweater – Red by k9knits)

But the one thing is true that in some part of the world, winter gets really cold. Here in France, it can get minus 15 degree in February with a lot of snow. In this cold weather they need nice hot coat too? Maybe a pair of boots? That we have to ask them if they want or not.
Cake, clothes, esthetic for the best friend of mankind, I am wondering what is next…

Thank you for reading my article.

Finally Saturday!! Enjoy the week end everybody :)

See you day after tomorrow.


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