Don’t be afraid! It is the mode! Cute 2013 fashion

October 29th, 2012

2013, it seems the new trend will be very cute designs like the one for small kids. In Japanese magazines, a lot of knit caps with funny faces or bear ears are on sale. The gorgeous models put them with casual fashions in the pages. I took a look at my favorite internet shop and I fell in love with a knit hat with 3 eyes. When I just see the picture, I didn’t think it is cute. I felt it was too childish, but when I see a picture of a woman with simple style, it looked nice. I have always liked a simple style, but simple style can be boring. So I like the items that add some accents at the coordinate. There are 3 hot items for the rest of 2012 and the 2013. If you are planning to go to shopping for the winter, take a look at the list before.

1.Cat item
Cat is always a popular character for girls. Now even you are more than 20 years old, it is very normal to put something with cat. There are shoes with cat face, sweater with cat ears or eyes and more. If you love cats, you don’t need to hesitate this winter. Just take the design you like and wear it! It is the mode!

2.Knit caps with animal ears or faces.
It is not just for Halloween the funny knit hats. The most popular ones are with bear ears, but there are cats, dogs and some other items as well, for the faces there are much more varieties. Lots of color choices and faces are original as well. Even if you just put simple jeans and sweat shirt, with this one point item, your fashion becomes so mode!

3.Head band with flower or other items.
In 2012 it is already the popular item. Head band is something for small girl or if it is with flower, it can be a special item to dress up for a party or a wedding ceremony. From this winter, you can put them anytime you want! Even your flower or ribbon is big one on the head band, with simple coat and classy boots, you are a fashionable person!
I might sound like to talk just for girls, but actually, it is not tough at all in Japan to find a boy with cat items or head bands. One of my friends had more head band than me. Oh and it is a boy. He just liked to put them with his medium long hair. He didn’t have one with flowers, but he had one with ribbon.
If there are items that you gave up to put because you thought the item is too childish, it is your chance to try it on! Go get your favorite item and enjoy it this winter!
Thank you to read my article today.

photo by: devinf

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