Don’t miss the chance to be kids again! -Japan and Halloween

October 8th, 2012

You disguise on Halloween? Halloween is a very recent event for Japanese people. When I was kid, it wasn’t that big festival. In the kinder garden, we put bunny’s ear and ate special sweets. In home, we did nothing. It was something school does. At elementary school, it was a same story. So when I see my English teacher (he is American) put devil costume to the school in my junior high school, I was surprised. For me Halloween is nothing but for kids. It wasn’t something that involves adults. Time passes on, now Halloween gets more popular in Japan. From the end of the September, we can see a lot of candies or cookies with pumpkin or witch on. Many clothes shops sell the costumes too.

Here in France, kids make visits to neighbors to get sweets. It is very cute and pleasant to see kids with costumes at your door. Unfortunately in Japan, it never happens. In a big city, usually we don’t know who live next to your place. Even if you know, clearly not close enough to send your kids to other one’s places to get some sweets. In the country side, the relationships between neighbors are better than cities, but usually people who live in country side are old. Japanese 50 years old something people don’t think about to buy sweets for kids at Halloween night, My grandparents love us so much, but they don’t care at all about the Halloween. It is still not as popular as Christmas in Japan.

It is fair to say that for Valentine’s Day, the chocolate industry did good plans. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is the day women give chocolates to men. For me it was natural because it was already like that when I was small, but it seems it is only Japan that is crazy about chocolate on the day. For the Halloween, I can imagine some sweets or costumes are sold more than usual time, but not more than that. I have never been USA around the Halloween time, but I can guess that it is a big festival over there.

There is an attraction park called “Universal Studio Japan”. It is a park with a lot of attraction which feature American film like E.T or snoopy. I would say it is like small America inside the park. From
the end of the September, the park gets all orange and purple. All the attraction became the Halloween version as well. I have never been there in Halloween time, but in the pictures, it looks very fun.
Christmas, Valentine’s Day and now Halloween, many events from overseas get popular in Japan. If it means Japanese economy work more with people using money for the events, it is something very good. The Halloween which wasn’t so normal in Japan when I was kid now gets popular. In 20 years, which events make Japanese people crazy?

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photo by: joshparent

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