Ears and a tale is the secret of cuteness in Japan!

February 12th, 2013

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Ears or a tale, I know it is something animals have, but if your girlfriend puts them one day, what do you think? You think you would like them? Or do you want to try to put them on? Ears and tales have been popular among young girls in Japan.

I had never tried, but one of my friends had a knit cap with cat ears on. I am sorry, but first time I saw that, I just laughed. It just looks really childish. It is surely cute, but for my friend, 23 years old, it was a bit odd. It can be pretty cute if it was a Halloween day, or she was less than 10 years old. I have never seen somebody I know putting a tale behind the body, but I’ve seen some girls with tales in city. It doesn’t look so shocking though. It just looks a kind of cosplay I would say. In my opinion, it looks less shocking if the other clothes she put are also kind of cosplay type of clothes. I saw some girls with a white t-shirt, jeans and a tale behind. It looked a bit weird. It reminded me a game we used to play in our kinder garden. It was called “tale tale”. All the kids put a tale at the elastic parts of their pants and run with them. We have to try to get tales from others while watching out not to be taken our own tales by somebody else. The last one who keeps the tale will be a winner. We did it in our kinder garden and also in our elementary school as a sports activity.

Putting ears and a tale doesn’t directly mean cosplay, but there are cafes that all the waitresses put the animal ears and tales. It is a same kind of café with a maid café. Now there are so many maid cafes everywhere in big cities, so people are trying to look for some ways to attract customers with new ideas. If you are not so sure if you like the girls with ears and a tale, why not to look for a café like that and try to see it with your own eyes. For girls who hesitate to put ears and a tale, but would love to try, there are 2 ways that I can think of. Working in one of the café or put them as a pajama. There are lots of cute pajamas with ears and a tale for sweet nights.

It is not tough at all to find them in Japan. If you visit Japan and think somebody you know would like the idea, get some as souvenirs! It is very Japanese souvenirs I would say.

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photo by: Helga Weber

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