Fashion in Paradise? Great Manga- Paradise Kiss!

December 28th, 2012

Para Kisu / Paradise Kiss
Is it fair to say that every girl wants to be a model when they grow up? At least I was one of them. I wanted to be a model just like I saw in the gorgeous fashion magazines. I grew up with 2 brothers so I would say I was somebody pretty boyish, but still my dream was to be a model and walk on a stage all over the world. My dream changed with the time passed, but well one comic book reminded me my big childhood dream.

It was the comic book names “Paradise Kiss”. There is animation shows too, so maybe you know it? It is not exactly the most popular one. It is not surprising even if you have never heard of it. It is the comic book that Ms. Ai Yazawa created. One of the most popular comics of her is NANA. Here in France it is pretty popular one, so you might know this one. Both in NANA and Paradise Kiss, we can see very fashionable clothes. NANA is the comic book with a story of a rock band, there are lots of punk rock fashion and Lolita dolly fashion. In the “Paradise Kiss”, there are so many different kinds of fashion items. This comic book is about young designers who have a big fashion show. The main characters are one talented designer and a young girl who is chosen to be their model.

She was a girl who lived her life just like her mother wanted. Go to good high school and try to get in a great university. She thought she wasn’t happy because her mother forced her to live like that. That was how I was feeling when I read this comic book first time. The situation wasn’t exactly same, but I wasn’t happy about the situation I was in back then. I blamed somebody else to run away from the reality. With the story continues, she decided to take the responsibility on her life and find her own dream. With the confidence she got from new dream of her, she gets stronger, more beautiful and charming. The designs of clothes are inspirational and the beautiful but a bit clumsy heroin gives you smile. This story makes me motivated to stay strong to make my dream come true.

The ending is not exactly how I hoped for the hero and heroine, but still they could find their ways to be happy. There are comic books, cartoon shows and a movie with real actors and actresses. I read only comic books, but the movie seemed pretty interesting too. If you are a bit bored with all girly comic books or boy’s action comic books, take a look at this comic book!

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photo by: George Arriola

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