For otaku or all the girls? -Cute twin tails

October 22nd, 2012

Cute or childish ? Twin tails
When you were a small girl, your mom combed and set your hair. Maybe you had short hair. When I was small, I had long straight hair. Since I didn’t know how to comb and my mom didn’t really take care of them either, my hair was always very messy. Once we went to a hair salon to do something about it. It took like 1 hour to make my hair straight enough to be able to be combed smoothly by the hands. I think I was around 5 years old back then. I still remember how I felt when I touched my hair and combed them with my finger after the hair salon. Everybody around me told me I look so beautiful with my shiny hair. Until that day, I saw combing and beautiful hair completely different things. So that after the day, me and my mother started to take care of my hair. Since my father loved long hair on girls, my hair was always long until the junior high school. I always tied my hair in one tail when I do sports or so. I have some pictures with twin tails, but for me it was childish. I was a child, but I thought twin tails are for small kids like 2 years old.

Now the twin tails are getting popular among the adult again. Many Japanese manga or anime characters make their hair in twin tails on the top of their ears. So I can’t deny the fact that we have an image that twin tails are for kids or people who enjoy cosplay. But recently, some popular models or TV stars make their hair in twin tails in TV shows or fashion magazines. When I see their pictures, I don’t feel that the twin tails are just for kids or cosplay.

Here in Europe, I can see many women with twin tails. There are so many women more than 25 years old do them as well. They look cute. I don’t see many of the women like 40 years old with twin tales, but there are some. My husband likes the women with twin tails. I learned it just after I got together with him, but I have never tried when I was in Japan. After we moved to France, I understood that it is not that weird thing that a girl more than 20 years old makes her hair in twin tails. I still don’t feel comfortable to look myself with twin tails in a mirror, but well, if my husband likes it I can do that in our home or so. I do like twin tails in low position with a cap though. I have to get used to myself with a new hair style I think

If you are a girl, do you do twin tails sometimes? If you are a man, you like a girl with twin tails?


photo by: animaster

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