Free from the stress and free pass for the knock out body!-commute by bicycle

October 31st, 2012

If you are an office worker or a student, how you go to your office or school every morning? You take buses or trains? If you are lucky, maybe you can walk until there? In Japan, there are people who stop using the public transportation services and switch to the bicycle.

Maybe you have already seen a video of the crazy Japanese morning rush in Tokyo. It is pretty famous that every morning the station stuffs push the passengers to inside the train until the door closes to put as many people in a train as possible. The place I have lived wasn’t that big town so I don’t have experiences to be pushed, but every morning, I had to take busy trains to go to my high school. It was impossible to find a seat to sit down in the morning rush. To go to university, I sometimes had to take morning busy train with full of people as well. When I wore something nice, it is not that funny to see the clothes are pressed by all the people.

Even for the student like me the morning rush was stressful. I can’t imagine how it is like for the one with full time job. After I moved to the close place to go to university, I went to my university with bicycle. It took like 30 min to go. I have to admit that it was a good exercise. On the way back, it didn’t bother me since I don’t need to hurry and there are no time limit to go back to home, but morning, if I don’t prepare myself well, it was tough. I have to eat breakfast like 20 min to 30min before not to throw up with the bicycle exercise. I have to think clothes to wear as well. The good thing was of course I could do some regular exercise and I finally could say good bye to the morning rush.

So there are some people do exactly same things with me. They take their bicycles to go to their offices or schools. For the one who works in an office, it is mostly obligation to wear formal suits. As we all know, the formal suit is not the perfect clothes to go on the bicycles. Now sports stores and bicycle companies make lots of formal clothes with special cloth to allow the riders to stay formal, but still easy to ride the bicycle regularly. Bicycles are not the easiest way of transportation when the weather is not good, but you can always take public transportation system in Japan. If you see the great sky through the window in the morning, why not to take your bicycle to go to the office? It will refresh you and help you to stay fit

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photo by: yoshimov

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