Get tips to wear pretty gothic clothes from a comic book!

April 21st, 2013


Do you like gothic, Lolita type of clothes? If you are looking for how to look good with gothic/ lolita clothes, Misa misa from a comic book “Death Note” can help you.


My husband is a singer of a rock band. He likes gothic style. Before I met him, I don’t have any gothic types of clothes, but when he told me “I like misa misa type of clothes” it was much easier for me to understand what kind of clothes he likes. It requires great amount of courage to put that kind of sexy clothes and go out in normal days, but if there is a cosplay party or Halloween, it is a chance to enjoy youself with the new look.


I bought black top like the picture (well it didn’t come with the knife stuff though) white Lolita type skirt and a sexy tights like the girl in the picture puts. I knew he would like that, but I really couldn’t find an opportunity to put them on. First time I put them was when we went out to do some clothes shopping, I thought it would be lovely to put his favorite clothes on date, but then we met one of his friend in the classy bar so I felt completely outsider to put manga clothes in such a classy bar. The second time was a barbecue party. In that barbecue party, the dress code was “rock and roll” so for me, it was a good idea to make a revenge with my secret costume. I put the black top, tights and the white mini skirt, when we arrived, I regretted what I put. Even the dress code was “rock and roll” most of people put biker type of clothes. I was only one who put Lolita type of clothes. Although I regretted my clothes choice, I do like the picture we took on that day. I look having fun and lovely with the misa misa clothes.


This experience told me 2 things. I can look pretty good in the cosplay type clothes and anybody look lovely in any clothes if they enjoy themselves in the clothes. When you have fun, your smile is lovely pictures tell you how fun you had that day.


The gothic Lolita types of clothes are pretty expensive, especially if you want to buy them abroad. In Japan, There are some cheap stores where you can find everything you need to be a cute Misa misa. These clothes are something we don’t put every day, so if you are interested to dress like her, find Japanese web shop or do shopping when you visit Japan!


Spring is arrived. We don’t need thick coat anymore. It’s the chance to show off your cute new look!


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Misa Amane @ Nijikon 2010


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