Hair and girl’s freedom

September 15th, 2012

The girl in picture, when I was looking for a picture for this article, I saw so many pictures of beautiful girls in many shapes and haircuts. But this one hit me pretty well. She is so beautiful on this picture. She is very original. My mother once told me that 30 years ago, there were not so many girls who dye their hair or cut their hair like boys. As she said, my mom always had long, girly hair until she got kids. She cut her hair in very short after she got 3 kids and had no time to wash or calm her hair all the time.

My father is pretty old fashion guy and he likes black long hair. As a matter of fact, I have black long hair now. Because I love my father? Well, it is because I love my husband. He likes black long hair too. When I say long hair, it is pretty long, until around the berry bottom. So as you can see, there are still some traditional thinking guys, but this is true that many girls change their hair as they want now.

Why I chose this topic today? It is simply because I cut my hair yesterday. I wanted to change my mood. There are so many things I can’t help in my world right now, but changing hair? It finishes in 1 hour and you feel something just changed. Girls cut their hair in many reasons. Classic one is broken heart. I have done it too. When I was in university, 90 percent of girls dye their hair in lighter color, brown, blonde, red brown and etc,. Most of high schools forbid to dye the hair. So the girls just run into hair dresser after they graduate from high school. Like I said, I was rare black hair girl in university. Nobody said that I can’t dye my hair, but since my family was really traditional one, I knew that they won’t like it if I change my hair color. I didn’t have so much desire to dye hair either so I just lived until now without dying hair.
So, 30 years ago, there were not many girls who change their hair as they want. What changed? One thing is, society changed a lot. If the all the young guys were like my dad and tell their girl friends or wives not to cut the hair or not to dye their hair as they want, there shouldn’t be as much as girls like now who enjoy their hair changes. So if this changing hair movement means that Japan is no longer men dominating society, I am happy. However, I need to talk one more possibility. A lot of girls change their hair because their friends do. One girl from my high school once asked me why I don’t dye my hair. I asked her back that why she dyes her hair. The answer was, “because everyone does it”. Well, if it is the answer, I would say don’t dye hair. It is not good for hair and it costs. I am your side if you just want to show your identity, go ahead! Make hair pink or blue or whatever you like!

I hope 20 years from now, girls make their decisions for their own hair by themselves.

Thank you to read my article.


photo by: Idhren

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