Have to buy clothes? You must go to UNIQLO!

January 25th, 2013


What is your favorite clothes shop? It will be different if you need to buy clothes for your sports training or for a hot date. It is always nice to have some good shops to choose from for each situation, but for all the situations there is a very nice shop in Japan. It is UNIQLO.

Now UNIQLO’s main product in summer is evolutional “heat-tech”, but when I was a kid, UNIQLO’s main product in winter was fleece. The light, warm colorful winter clothes were every body’s favorite. The problem was it was so good for kids since it is cheap and easy to wash, almost all of my class mates wear a fleece from UNIQLO. Even they have big varieties of color choices I had to be really careful not to wear a same color with evil boys. In elementary school, our concern was just not to wear same color with somebody else, but after it started to be uncomfortable to wear same things with somebody else in a same class. It is said that in long successful UNIQLO’s sales record, there was a period that their products stopped to sell as much as before. It was the moment that people thought “wearing UNIQLO = not fashionable”. I didn’t know the sale record, but exactly same thing happened in my junior high school. If you wear something from UNIQLO, somebody will notice that and say to you “it is from UNIQLO!” For the sensitive teenagers, the words didn’t sound so kind. As a teenager, I didn’t wear anything from UNIQLO when I went out to see somebody.

Now UNIQLO sifted their designs from the “UNIQLO” to simple, fashionable one with talented designers. I don’t recognize any clothes come from UNIQLO like I used to in my teenage time.

I knew everybody spoke about their latest “heat-tech”, but I really didn’t believe that is so good that people are talking like crazy. Heat-tech is something supposed to be very warm and solid underwear with their special material. My mother bought one and pushed me so hard that I should get one for myself. Since I was still in a high school, she bought one for me. I wore the one under my school uniform one day and went out to school. The first expression was just “oh my god! That is so warm”. Actually the product is just so thin. My favorite shirt to put under the uniform before heat-tech arrived was thick, black, wool shirt. Compared the one, the thickness of the heat-tech shirt is like half. I totally hooked and bought tights, long sleeve one, short sleeve one in the same week. I loved tights. It is so solid, warm and yet slim enough to keep my legs look not so fat.

If you have never visited UNIQLO yet, I really wish they open one near the place you live. It is not the shop that blows your mind in one visit. You will see the goodness in long time.

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photo by: CLF

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