Is it your kid or your doll? Kids with top brand clothes

October 26th, 2012

Do you remember any of your clothes you were wearing when you were a kid? I just remember one very cute dress that my aunt made for me. It was a red dress with some characters from Alice in wonder land. I remember that one, because I didn’t like it. I was old enough to understand that if my aunt made it for me, it means she used her time for me, so I need to wear it. Except for the dress, I don’t remember any of my clothes.

Now in Japan, more and more parents use crazy amount of money to kids’ clothes. It is like a competition. There were some expensive kid’s clothes brand, but also some famous mark makes child clothes. So it is possible to wear exactly same clothes with the kid in high brands. There are some marks that make very expensive clothes with organic cotton. The cotton is very soft and good for child’s sensitive skin. For this kind of product, I am willing to use my money. I want my kid to wear something comfortable.
The movement of fashionable kid is not just clothes. Now if you take a look at public elementary school, there are like 10 percent of kids with unnatural hair color. Yes, parents bring the kids to a hair salon to dye their hair. Some hair salon doesn’t accept to dye the hair less than 15 years old, but there are a lot of products to dye the hair in home. These products contain a lot of chemicals that damage healthy hair.

All the girls want to be a princess. It is normal that they imitate their mother and try some make up from their mother’s dresser, but now many girls have their own makeup items. Some girls do makeup to elementary school as well. When I was kid, elementary school was somewhere you just run and play. Not the place to find boys and talk about makeup.
If children are becoming adult sooner and sooner, what is the consequence? If children haven’t run and played enough in their elementary schools, what will happen to them? I am not 100 percent sure that to be adult sooner is a bad thing. I am 5 month pregnant now. I will have a son in some months. I hope he will use his child food outside and play a lot with his friend not just staying inside and becomes an adult quickly.

Nobody can really stop any parents to dress their kids in their favorite ways, but I just hope their clothes are flexible enough to let them run as much as they want. How about in your country? The kids wear something simple or it is same with Japan?

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photo by: limaoscarjuliet

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