Kimono or Jeans today? Young people with Kimono

October 21st, 2012

Have you seen Kimono in real? Did you like it? Kimono is the Japanese beautiful traditional clothes. Now some young people are interested in Kimono again. I love to wear one, but unfortunately I don’t know how to wear it by myself. As you can see, the belt is the key point to hold all together. There are no buttons or zipper to hold it. If you don’t know how to tie it, the Kimono will fall apart while you are walking. There are a lot of courses to learn it. My mother and her sister went there like 2 years every weekend and now she can wear one in 30 minutes or so. To wear western clothes, it takes like 2 minutes. It is normal that young people stop wearing kimono in daily basis in Japan.
There are 2 big occasions for girls to wear Kimono in the life. One for the party to celebrate 20 years old and the other is to celebrate graduation for the university. Traditionally, boys wear Kimono for these days too, but now most of the boys wear modern suits. I didn’t go to the celebration party because I preferred to work, but I saw a lot of girls with beautiful Kimono and very gorgeous up hair. I saw maybe 2 or 3 boys with kimono. It seems it really is rare that boys wear Kimono these days.
Kimono is not like western clothes. People look nice in kimono are not exactly like a person in a fashion magazine. Kimono looks good on the person with a bit of weight and not so tall, the traditional normal Japanese body type. My grandfather is not exactly the type who looks good in skinny jeans and modern fashion, but in Kimono, he looks very handsome. It fits well in his shape.
So we can fairly say that the Kimono is the perfect outfit for Japanese people. Now many Japanese young people customize Kimono to wear them in daily basis. There are companies that make Kimono in original cloth like Hello Kitty, rock taste cloth, very colorful polka dot and more. The belt changes the look a lot. Girls often put fairly big ribbon or race belt. Boys arrange the kimono with some western shoes like boots. There are many internet shops that sell Kimono in cheap price. It was used to be expensive, but now it is a fashionable, fashion tool for young people.
Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is not so easy to wear the kimono, but don’t worry, the new kimono has button and zipper to wear it. It is as easy as western clothes.
It is soon Halloween. If you don’t feel like to wear the devil clothes or witch clothes, maybe a gorgeous kimono will be perfect outfit for your Halloween day!

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photo by: Hanenosuke

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