Kira kira name with future!

November 26th, 2012

What is the toughest thing to do when you are pregnant? Throwing up every day for months or having severe back pain to support the baby inside. Well, pregnancy is miracle and wonderful, but I have to admit that it can be pretty rough. Apart from the physical things, one of the toughest parts is choosing a name for a new born baby. Even we say that we can participate that part with the partner, it stays pretty difficult. We think that what’s going to happen if he goes to kinder garden with the name. We imagine all the possibility that the kid will be picked up by the name in the elementary school.

In Japan, the name is not just about the sound. We think about kanji (Chinese character) to write. My name is Ayami. It is written 文美 the first one means sentence or letter, and the second one means beautiful. Usually, the first one is not read “Aya”, but for the name it can be read Aya. My mother liked to read this letter this way, so they decided to use this character for my name. We wish our children to have a great personality and happy life. So that in Japan we say the name is the first big present that parents give to their child.
Like all the countries, there are some classic names in Japan. Like the one you can find in any school classes. The classic name is classic because it has good meaning or good sound that parents wish their kids to have. If there are classics, of course there are opposite ones. The latest fashion in new born baby is not cute pajamas or expensive baby massage. It is “Kira kira name”. That is the word people use to talk about the babies with very rare and unusual name. Kira kira means shinning or flashy like a star. According to a website where people can put their baby’s name or the one they know to share the very unique names, the most shocking name in 2012 for boy was “Sensou”. It means war in Japanese. For girls it was “Aishite”. It means “Love me” in Japanese.
Of course it is all up to parents to choose a very good name for their baby, but with what wish they put such a name to kids. Now I am 6 month pregnant. My husband and I are trying to find the perfect name for our son. I really wonder with which reason the parents decided to put a name “war” to their new born baby. I don’t want to judge people without any reasons, but this one it is tough to stay not to be judgmental. I just hope the kid will be happy in school and his life.

In this very moment, new baby just comes on somewhere in the world. I wish all children happiness.

Thank you to read my article.


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