Let’s take a look at the special youth- Gyaru and Gyaruo

October 5th, 2012

One day, you meet your friend from junior high school. She was your partner in the tennis club as well. Accidentally, she looked exactly like the one from this picture. You think you can recognize her? The girls in pictures are pure Japanese girls. Their tanned skin and bright hair color is the job of their tanning salon and hair salon. The girls are already pretty shocking to see, but there are guys who look like them as well. They are called “Gyaruo”. The girls are called “Gyaru”. The both girls and boys look flashy and nicely tanned.

Around 10years ago, this “Gyaru” movement is started. At that time, I was teen ager and got a bit of influence of them, but since my parents were somebody very strict, I couldn’t enjoy much of the “Gyaru” life. 10 years ago, there were so many girls and boys who put shiny very sexy clothes and sit down on the street in big cities. They are often very noisy and make groups in public place like in front of super markets or parks. Unfortunately, not so many people like the young people like that. When I was in junior high school, I was afraid of the Gyaru and Gyaruo as well. They talk roughly and they always move with a lot of friends. So if I have to cross aside them when I am alone, it was kind of a life and death situation for me.

Now in 2012, there are not so many young people who dress like that in Japan. There are still some magazines and clothes shops that deal the “Gyaru fashion” but I would say the fashion gets much softer. 10 years ago, girls put clothes like underwear in daily basis. Another thing I concern is that the girls in Gyaru fashion magazines are so so so skinny. Usually the models are skinny, but the Gyaru girls often say their weight in public. Some magazines put their weight on their profile as well. When I was younger, I always wanted to be as skinny as them. Once I saw a model who says that her weight is 36kg. Her height was taller than mine. My weight was around 50kg at this time. I am 153cm. 50kg is nice healthy weight for me, but I felt very porky.
So that a lot of young Gyaru girls do crazy diets to be exactly like their fashion icons. To be that skinny, there can’t be a healthy diet. Fashion is something to show your identity and makes your character, but it can get pretty dangerous when you try to lose weight to reach the fashion goal.
If you like Gyaru fashion, just please be aware that you look beautiful as you are in any kind of clothes. You don’t need to be 30 something kg to look beautiful.

Thank you to read my article today.

It’s getting colder here in France! Take care of yourself :)


photo by: tokyoclubbers

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