Lolita fashion on boys…?

January 21st, 2013


Did you play with dolls when you were small? You put make up or tie their hairs with cute big plastic hair accessories? If you were more like the one who plays with cars or trains, did you want to have a doll like that? It is not a question for only girls. Today’s topic, Lolita fashion boys are exactly the boys who enjoyed to be one of the dolls with big racy clothes.

Lolita fashion is one of the most famous “Japanese” fashions in the world. It is often known as a Gothic and Lolita fashion as well. Gothic fashion is more dark colored rock style with lots of metal accessories like piercings or necklaces.  The word Lolita fashion comes from the very famous novel “Lolita”. It is the novel that a middle age man madly fell in love with a young girl Lolita. From the famous novel, the word Lolita is used for a small girl who still has a childish cuteness, but at the same time as a step of being an adult, these girls have certain sensuality to attract guys. As a word “Lolita” simply means a girl in French, the word is used to describe something or somebody who stays in child world. For the fashion, Lolita fashion is very dolly, lacy clothes in often very soft color like soft pink, soft blue or just simply white, just like one antique French doll puts.

As you can guess, the fashion is very “girly”, but now in Japan, if you don’t watch out carefully, a Lolita fashion girl who sits next to you is might be a guy. There are 2 kinds of Lolita fashion boys. There are boys who enjoy the cute Lolita fashion exactly like girls so they put very lacy fancy skirt and high heel shoes just like a doll from a child book. Other boys enjoy the fashion in Men’s way. They put pants with a bit of black lace or white well pressed shirts just like a battler. First one is pretty shocking if you see pictures. Since the girls with Lolita fashion often put very high heels and lots of makeup, it is tough to know that a person in picture is actually a guy or not.

Boys who love Lolita fashion have a very big community so called “Otoko no ko”. In this case, Otoko means a boy, ko means a young girl. They have forums to exchange information, find a friend and there are shops to sell Lolita fashion clothes for boys as well. Even Japanese boys are often small and slim, they do need bigger size than most of girls.

Boys or girls, it really doesn’t matter if you like what you wear. I hope you are wearing the clothes you love right now.

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photo by: cloneofsnake

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