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October 16th, 2012

Bagel head- what kind of head you imagined? Maybe name of a hair cut or maybe some kind of insult? Well actually, this is a new body remodeling fashion like tattoos and piercing. You can see at the pictures that 2 young men having big lumps on their foreheads. They didn’t come from accidents. These men got them with their own free wills.
It is called “saline infusion”. Actually, I had no idea that is getting popular in Japan, but it seems since it is very shocking and nobody really knows why on earth it is getting that popular, a lot of foreign media made articles on their web news. This morning my husband asked me “Do you know what the bagel head is?” I got frozen for a while and asked what exactly the bagel head is. If it is about food, I love bagels. I often make them for my breakfast as well. I saw some pictures, and finally got what it looks like. I couldn’t find better picture for the article because of some rules, but if you just type “bagel head” or “donuts head” you will find a better picture with nice big bagel shape of lump on somebody’s head.
The saline infusion is not like plastic surgery and it is something that doesn’t stay so long. This bagel head just stays on the head for 16 hours to 24 hours. I can say that this is something good that it doesn’t stay so long. If you decide to get big tattoos or body piercing, they are not that easy to get rid of after. One of the things that shocked me most in my entire life is a split tongue. I don’t know if it is that popular outside of Japan, but it is exactly like snake tongue. You just cut like half of the tongue vertically. The thing is that I saw it in real. One of my friends got one and showed it to me with a shiny pierce on. Maybe this bagel head will beat the split tongue if I see in real, but so far, nothing beat the tongue yet in my life.
So when people decide to get this bagel head anyway? If it only lasts 24 hours max, they should get it for the special occasion. It seems there are a lot of parties with salons that offer the body piercings, tattoos and all the other body decollation things. They often have competition between the customers. Even you have an amazing tattoo on your back and several pierces, if there are any other ways to be more different than the others, there always people who go for it.

According to the website I was on, if you touch the bagel head part, it is all soft and like water in a nylon bag or something. If you see one or get one in near future, please don’t forget to drop me a line!

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