Mothers! Stay KAWAII!

November 20th, 2012

Mama girls, it is the most successful women’s magazine in Japan for the last 3 months. As you can guess from the title, it is the magazine for women who got kids and still want to be cute. Recently,
in Japanese TV industry, the 25-35 years old TV stars with kids are getting very popular. Many young mothers want to look like them after the pregnancy. Pregnancy is often the reason that a woman stops trying to look beautiful and keeping their shape, but well it seems there is a movement to stop this usual case.

As a 6 month pregnant woman, I have to agree that pregnancy does change the shape. Of course the stomach gets bigger but also the legs, hips are also getting big. Even I eat same amount with the time before I get pregnant, I take weight so easily. If I don’t do efforts after or if I gave up to look pretty, I can easily see my future with big sweat and no makeup style to go out. It is very easy to be lazy about the looks. I don’t have an access to buy the magazine, but I read their blog that the models write. The blogs are very useful tool for them too. They upload 3-4 articles a day. They put pictures of their kids, their homemade meals, their activities and everything. I feel like I am their friends just by reading it. Sometimes they share their troubles and ask the advices about kids. These mothers have 0-5 years old kids. Sometimes kids are difficult to handle. For that they ask the tips to the readers. It connects readers and bloggers. All the models from the magazine have their own blog. If you can see their real life through the blogs and the magazines, it is easy to understand why the girls want to buy the magazines. Girls want to stay “girls” even after they get children.
What is the image of mother to you? My mother is full time worker. She wasn’t really there for me, but she always let us do anything we wanted to do. She has money and power to live every day, but about the looks, she is not exactly the role model. She had never put make up to go out. My image for mothers has been always strong. Now I am on the way to be one of them. Since I don’t have full time job now, I won’t be like my mother. I also know that I will pay attention to what I wear in daily basis. I hope I will find a good job to let my kids do anything they want to do in the future like my mother did to us. I want to be beautiful, strong and economically independent. I can already feel that it won’t be easy to be that mother, but well maybe that’s why mothers need a magazine as a guide book.

What is your ideal mother?

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photo by: meemal

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