New Japanese Muse-Kyary pamyu pamyu

September 26th, 2012

How many people know who Kyary pamy pamy is? She is a popular singer, a model and a designer. Her look is just so original. I sometimes follow her blog but every time I see her pictures, her hair color changes, clothes change completely and the makeup just looks an art every single time. This Japanese new muse is just 19 years old now.

First time I saw her on media was in French TV show. She made a performance at Japan Expo in Paris. Since the show was a big success, French media started to get closer eyes on her. First I thought she is another cute young girl that Japanese show media pushed hard for money, but once I listened the songs, I have to say that they are not that bad. It still fits her character and has incredibly original lyrics and dance, but the melody comes to head nicely. If you are a fan of Japanese pop music, maybe you know groups name “capsule” or “perfume”? A producer named Mr. Yasutaka Nakata produces perfume and Ms. Kyary pamyu pamyu. He is a member of capsule. Since my brother is a big fan of capsule, I know their music well. The songs are discotheque and techno taste. Music videos are fun and pop too. With such a big producer, her songs stay original but still high quality as music too.

It is not just music this girl is talented about. She is modeling for 2 popular fashion magazines as well. It is Zipper and KERA. I didn’t read KERA much, but Zipper was one of my best friends when I was in high school. The style is called “Harajuku style”. It is a mix of second hand clothes and a bit of hippie taste, very colorful and original. It is popular style in Japan, but also in abroad too. Every time in Japan Expo, you can find Harajuku style people as well as cosplay style. So the Ms. Kyary pamyu pamyu is not just a muse for music industry but also a muse for fashions as well.
Her style, makeup is just original. She produces some make up tools as well. The most interesting and popular one are false eyelashes. They are incredibly long and dense. If you see a picture of her with full make up, you can easily understand why the eyelashes are most interesting. She should be beautiful without make up too, but since she is really into it, we never can see her without it.
So this young Japanese muse got top of Japanese sub culture now. However she won’t stay 19 years old forever. I can’t wait to see how she will be 5 years from now.

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