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September 11th, 2012

(photo: fundoshi- 2 by markinjpn)

Is it the first time you see this Japanese manly underwear? Or you have already seen one in a picture? It is called Fundoshi, Japanese traditional underwear. Today’s topic is, this underwear started to be popular again in Japan. Fundoshi is a long piece of clothe which can be 1-3m long. There are no elastic to attach so that makes this underwear perfect option to the one who doesn’t like a gum band tighten feeling. The thing surprised me most and the main reason why I decided to write an article about it is because I read that it started to be popular among girls too.

(photo: Japanese festival-2 by markinjpn)

So it is the picture of back side. Sexy or too much? I would say sexy for guys, but for girls… I don’t know. I can’t even imagine it. Now the popular store “TokyuHands” sell the Fundoshi for young people. They are no longer white. There are colorful ones, the ones with tiger on it or etc., I can say that it is like western under wears. They have sizes for girls too. According to Mr. Kobayashi, the president of the Fundoshi association, 60 percent of the customers who buy his products are guys. So it means 40 percent of them are women. What is so good about it? Since it doesn’t have any elastic stuff inside, it is really easy to put. It doesn’t bother you at all. It is perfect when you sleep, or when you just simply want to relax. Because it was the traditional underwear before World War 2, some people think it is the real underwear for boys. Some 70-80 years old people still wear it in daily basis too. I have never tried so I can’t say from my experience, but wearing Fundoshi makes guys manly it seems… It still doesn’t answer my question that why on earth this original underwear starts to get popular among the girls though.
Well, one thing is sure. Japanese women are getting stronger and stronger. And I have to say that Japanese boys are getting more and more feminine. I just read one blog that 30 something woman is running and she said that she will wear her favorite Fundoshi for her important meeting to knock the other guys with her new projects. Well it is just an example with one woman, but is that it? Women are trying to be stronger so they wear underwear that used to make guys feel manly?
Well, I am sorry, but I can’t resist myself so let me say…. In the romantic time between man and woman, is it ok that your girlfriend or wife put this underwear under the sexy, stylish clothes? I have to ask my husband about it….
Thank you for reading my article!!
See you day after tomorrow 

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