New year, new hair?

January 13th, 2013

Before & After

Do you have long hair or short hair? It is always tough to get an appointment around the end of the year and the new year’s season. Many people want to change their looks around the season it seems. Especially if you had not so good year, it is normal to want to cut the hair and change the luck a little bit. Changing a hair style can be done in many ways, but recently, among Japanese girls cutting their hair in “very short” hair style is a popular movement. As you can guess from the word “very short”, they cut their very short that we can actually see their ears from any angles. These girls say that they notice how fleshy and easy to have a short hair. It is true that it is much easier to wash and dry the hair, styling is easy too.

When I was a high school student, I always had a short hair. I did lots of sports so it was just easier for me to keep my hair short. After I met my husband, I leave my hair long. It has been like 3 years since I had a super short hair. Everybody tells me I look more feminine and better in long hair. I liked my short hair, but it is true that I feel more feminine in my long hair. Since I had a very short hair like 4 years, I do understand why girls want to cut their hair. It is fun to see the affect on the face depends on the hair style. For me, when I made my hair like a mushroom, I looked absolutely stupid and fat, but when my hair stylist shaved one side of my hair, my face looked like the half of the size it was. I was amazed how much affect one hair style can give. Also with the one side shaved hair, many people commented that I look very fashionable in very normal clothes. I had put exactly same clothes with different hair cut, but nobody told me anything, by changing the hair, the same clothes suddenly became a fashionable clothes.

Many girls cut their hair when their heart got broken by somebody. It is true that most of guys like girls with a long hair. It can be a message to the world that “I decide how I want to look like” My husband loves long hair. If I cut my hair, he will be really sad. So far that is the main reason why I keep my hair long.

If you want to look different in the new year, not just cut a bit of your hair. Why not to try the “very short” hair, I assure you that it will cut your shower time less than half. You can feel lighter in any ways as well.

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