New year, new you with new glasses?

January 7th, 2013

Do you wear glasses? If yes, do you like to wear them or you wish you didn’t have them? Another question, do you find people with glasses attractive? I have glasses, but I don’t like them much. I wear them when I clean, study and watch something like movies, but when I go out I don’t put them on. Actually, I should, but I don’t like myself with glasses. Now I see some people with fashionable glasses on the street or in fashion magazines as well. Their glasses are often pretty big and thick flames. For the next time, I would choose more fashionable one to like myself with glasses I think.

Changing glasses do change how you look. All of my family members wear glasses. My both parents had very big glasses like they had used for 20 years. Since they wear glasses all the time, I recommended them to change them. I went to pick up flames for both of them. My mother picked one with silver flame, it wasn’t so shocking. She was happy to have more modern one. I was so surprised how my father looked younger when he changed his glasses. His face did look smaller as well. It was the time I noticed the shape and color of glasses is very important to look good.

Glasses were something just to help people with low eye sights, but now it is one of fashion tools. Glasses give an image that a person is hard worker, kind or reliable. There is an interesting movie called “Megane”. Megane means “glasses” in Japanese. The story itself is not really related to glasses. It is a movie with people who run a hotel on a small island and people around the hotel. There is a kind person who make ice snack to everybody, there is a stubborn guy who keeps the hotel business and there is a woman who visits the island to find herself. The reason why the movie is called “glasses” is that everyone appears in the movie wears a pair of glasses. With lots of special characters, we can see almost all kinds of images that glasses give to people. If you are looking for a pair of glasses and have no idea what kind of glasses to buy, maybe the movie will help you to pick a right pair of glasses for your face and personality.

Yesterday I saw a girl in a library who wore red skinny jeans, a white pull over and big pair of glasses. The style was very simple, but she did look fashionable and stunning. I will remember her style and try to be as fashionable as her with my new pair of glasses in the new year.

If you are thinking about to change your pair of glasses why not to choose something a bit challenging, it will change your appearance completely! It might be a good start for 2013.

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