Be healthy, Be beautiful- Charismatic personal trainer Ms.Hiromi Kashiki

February 5th, 2013

34/365 - B is for Battling the Bulge

Do you have a secret method to stay in a good shape? If yes, you are a very lucky person or you made enough efforts to learn how to stay fit. Even Japanese girls are much smaller and skinnier than girls in other countries, shockingly 81 percent of Japanese girls still want to lose more weight. Skinny doesn’t mean beautiful. If they just don’t eat enough and do crazy amount of exercises, they will be far from beautiful. If the body is not healthy, it is not a real beauty. To prove the theory, there is a charismatic personal trainer in Japan. Her name is Ms. Kashiki Hiromi.

I knew her from magazines and TV shows, but never really paid attention until I get pregnant. She is a pioneer of exercise while pregnancy and after the pregnancy. She makes exercises to coop with contractions to help future mothers. It is not too tough nor need special equipments, but just need our own body and a bit of motivation to continue.

It is amazing that so many Japanese actresses, models are clients of Ms.Kashiki. In her blog, everyday there is a very famous person with their beautiful bodies is doing exercises with her. No wonder she is so popular among Japanese women now. I was really shocked when I learned how old she is. I thought she is around 30 years old, but actually she is 50 years old. My mother is 52 years old. I know how 50 something woman looks like. It is just unbelievable how young she looks. Her body, smile and way of thinking make her look very young. Everybody must want to know her secret. That is why her book and DVD work so well.

Since she is on lots of fashion magazine or health magazines, her image is more like a personal trainer for celebrity, but she is a personal trainer for professional athletes too. There are lots of top Japanese athletes in her client list. She was in London to support one of the marathon runners for the London Olympic.

Body, diet, exercise are always the topic girls talk about. If girls talk more than 1 hour, surely the words of diet or exercise come out from somebody’s mouth. If it is just a fun talk, it is ok but we shouldn’t be too strict. Beautiful girl is somebody who eats properly and be healthy enough to live the full life. If a girl doesn’t eat enough and be sick all the time, it is far from attractive girl.

Ms. Kashiki’s exercise is one of the choices. In 2013, I will try to find a good method to stay fit physically and mentally. If you don’t have your own way yet, why not to look for one with me?

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photo by: Helga Weber

Chocolate makes you beautiful- chocolate beauty goods

February 3rd, 2013

Handmade dark chocolate : meets : hot milk to indulge @ The NH KRASNAPOLSKY HOTEL : AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands : ENJOY! :)

Have you already decided the Valentine gift for her/him? If not, I have some recommendations for you. Chocolate is something good to eat, but if it became a shampoo or massage oil, do you want to use it?

In Japan, Valentine is all about chocolate. Many girls are crazy what to make or buy to get a guy they want. Before I get married to my husband, I was one of them too. It was more like I was enjoying being in love. It wasn’t necessarily with my boyfriend. It was fun to hang out with girls and talk about what to do for the Valentine’s Day. It was the best part. The part that I have to call him, ask him to meet in somewhere and give the chocolate was just a moment that I couldn’t even think about. Maybe he wouldn’t come or maybe he has already somebody special to be with. It had never been a peaceful Valentine’s Day until I get steady boyfriend in my university. I think for most of Japanese teenage girls it is like that. On the 14th February, girls gather in a class room to encourage each other to give chocolates to boys. It is very fun and cute time, but after the high school, it won’t work like that.

First, homemade chocolate is a bit risky choice to give if you are not in couple. If you are already pretty close, it can be a good choice to show your cooking skill, but if you don’t know him much, it is a bit odd I would say. Alcohol is a good option if you know his favorite type of liquor or so, but if not it is difficult to choose too. My recommendation is “chocolate beauty items”. It sounds a bit feminine, but now in Japan every year more and more esthetic items for men are sold. There are so many choices, but I think massage oil is an interesting choice if you are in couple. Because even I love all the beauty goods, a shampoo with chocolate smell is a bit weird even it has great power to make my hair beautiful. If it is a massage oil with chocolate aroma, you can actually do massage to him with a candle and romantic music in your bed room. Fancy chocolate is a good present too, but for guys who work hard every day, the chocolate massage should be a very good treat. If you are not in couple, good skin conditioner or base treatment would be good if he is somebody who enjoys self treatment.

I used chocolate hand cream once. It was good, but it made me hungry all day. I smell chocolate, so my brain asked me to put some in my mouth. Maybe it will happen to your guy too. If you do this chocolate treat, buy some chocolate just in case he asks you.

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Happy Valentine to everyone!


Panty stocking for boys…?

January 31st, 2013

In a cold winter, what is the item that warms you up? I hate cold weather, but good tea and warm socks keep me alive for now. It is absolutely torture to go out from a warm bed, put work clothes and go out to go to a job. For people who don’t have a car to go to their jobs directly, it is obligation to walk a bit. We need a big coat, good boots, groves, and a hat to protect ourselves. When it is really cold, I put 2 stockings or one tight and jeans or other trousers to go out. It seems now there is a warm panty stocking for guys.

I decide to put a stocking or tights depending on the temperature and clothes I wear. When I really don’t care the appearance like when I go to ski, I put the 2 thickest tights in my closets to keep me warm. We all know that stocking is something sexy and useful, but it is annoyingly fragile. It is so easy to break. For boys, thicker tights are popular it seems. Boys don’t put skirts so it is more important that the tights are solid to cover all the men’s hard muscular bodies.


It is getting popular in this historical cold winter in Japan, but there are some problems to solve. Men are often pretty embarrassed to buy the product named “panty stocking” for themselves. Even they succeed to buy one, there are still the danger that their girl friends will see them in a romantic moment. Black tights on guys, I don’t know. It is pretty tough to imagine. Is it like a ballet dancer no? If my boyfriend put them and it warms him up, I don’t think I would mind. How about you? Will you mind?

My husband has already picked some of my high socks when he goes to ski. He said the professional or sports special shops’ socks are way too expensive even it is not that different with women’s usual socks or leggings. Of course I can’t put them anymore after he put them on though. All the elastic parts are expanded until its limitation. I don’t mind to give him one or two, but I would appreciate if he has his own one in reasonable price like I can find in girl’s socks/tights/stocking shop.

Even if you find out that your sweet heart puts tights just like you have in your closet, don’t be shocked. It doesn’t directly mean he likes to put women’s clothes or something. It can mean that he just feels really cold and need something warm. Boys, don’t hesitate to buy one if you need something more to feel warm in the cold winter. Your health is the most important thing!

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Yoga and Laughing, the perfect combination for the stressful world!!

January 28th, 2013

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile - Lee Mildon

Yoga is one of the most popular exercises among Japanese women right now. Many active women hooked to Hot Yoga that is well known as a very intense exercise that works well for a detoxification as well. I am somebody pretty active, but I had never tried Yoga before I get pregnant. Now, I just love it. More my stomach gets bigger, I feel better after the 45 minutes Yoga session. My whole body is stretched out and becomes nicely soft. As you can imagine or if you have already got pregnant before, you do know all the pains and small troubles that pregnant woman get. Back pain, swollen leg, the sense of depression and worry for the pregnancy and delivery gets and more!

Before, I liked more intense exercise like running, badminton and swimming. After I get pregnant I had to stop these high active exercises for a while due to my morning sickness. Now I can’t even imagine running with my 9 month big tummy. Walking, gentry swimming and Yoga were recommended for pregnant women by my doctor. Since I don’t have a driving license, I always walk pretty a lot to go everywhere, so I decided to try to do Yoga for the first time of my life. I joined the normal Yoga class, but soon I quit because it is not designed for pregnant women. I often got stomachache after a session. I bought a maternity Yoga DVD to do it in home. Good point of Yoga is that you don’t really need special equipments to do. Your body, normal sports clothes and soft mattress are all you need.

Now a very original Yoga is getting popular in Japan. It is called “Smile Yoga” or “Laugh Yoga”. As you can see from the name, main focus for this Yoga is laughing. The movement of Yoga is pretty basic and soft since it is designed for people from all the age groups. Participants just need to follow the instructor and yes, you have to laugh loudly even nothing is funny or you are not in a good mood. It is the whole point of this exercise. Even it is a fake laugh your body reacts same way like you are actually laughing. With your laughing, brain considers the situation “happy” so it sends a signal to relax to your whole body. That helps you to have a better sleep, good appetite and also a full result from the Yoga session. Yoga is not a sport that uses thousands of calories in one try, but having a calm spirit is much more difficult thing than burning off enormous amount of calories.

If you are stressed and looking for an activity to conquer it, isn’t it the perfect choice for you?

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Have to buy clothes? You must go to UNIQLO!

January 25th, 2013


What is your favorite clothes shop? It will be different if you need to buy clothes for your sports training or for a hot date. It is always nice to have some good shops to choose from for each situation, but for all the situations there is a very nice shop in Japan. It is UNIQLO.

Now UNIQLO’s main product in summer is evolutional “heat-tech”, but when I was a kid, UNIQLO’s main product in winter was fleece. The light, warm colorful winter clothes were every body’s favorite. The problem was it was so good for kids since it is cheap and easy to wash, almost all of my class mates wear a fleece from UNIQLO. Even they have big varieties of color choices I had to be really careful not to wear a same color with evil boys. In elementary school, our concern was just not to wear same color with somebody else, but after it started to be uncomfortable to wear same things with somebody else in a same class. It is said that in long successful UNIQLO’s sales record, there was a period that their products stopped to sell as much as before. It was the moment that people thought “wearing UNIQLO = not fashionable”. I didn’t know the sale record, but exactly same thing happened in my junior high school. If you wear something from UNIQLO, somebody will notice that and say to you “it is from UNIQLO!” For the sensitive teenagers, the words didn’t sound so kind. As a teenager, I didn’t wear anything from UNIQLO when I went out to see somebody.

Now UNIQLO sifted their designs from the “UNIQLO” to simple, fashionable one with talented designers. I don’t recognize any clothes come from UNIQLO like I used to in my teenage time.

I knew everybody spoke about their latest “heat-tech”, but I really didn’t believe that is so good that people are talking like crazy. Heat-tech is something supposed to be very warm and solid underwear with their special material. My mother bought one and pushed me so hard that I should get one for myself. Since I was still in a high school, she bought one for me. I wore the one under my school uniform one day and went out to school. The first expression was just “oh my god! That is so warm”. Actually the product is just so thin. My favorite shirt to put under the uniform before heat-tech arrived was thick, black, wool shirt. Compared the one, the thickness of the heat-tech shirt is like half. I totally hooked and bought tights, long sleeve one, short sleeve one in the same week. I loved tights. It is so solid, warm and yet slim enough to keep my legs look not so fat.

If you have never visited UNIQLO yet, I really wish they open one near the place you live. It is not the shop that blows your mind in one visit. You will see the goodness in long time.

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photo by: CLF
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