Lolita fashion on boys…?

January 21st, 2013


Did you play with dolls when you were small? You put make up or tie their hairs with cute big plastic hair accessories? If you were more like the one who plays with cars or trains, did you want to have a doll like that? It is not a question for only girls. Today’s topic, Lolita fashion boys are exactly the boys who enjoyed to be one of the dolls with big racy clothes.

Lolita fashion is one of the most famous “Japanese” fashions in the world. It is often known as a Gothic and Lolita fashion as well. Gothic fashion is more dark colored rock style with lots of metal accessories like piercings or necklaces.  The word Lolita fashion comes from the very famous novel “Lolita”. It is the novel that a middle age man madly fell in love with a young girl Lolita. From the famous novel, the word Lolita is used for a small girl who still has a childish cuteness, but at the same time as a step of being an adult, these girls have certain sensuality to attract guys. As a word “Lolita” simply means a girl in French, the word is used to describe something or somebody who stays in child world. For the fashion, Lolita fashion is very dolly, lacy clothes in often very soft color like soft pink, soft blue or just simply white, just like one antique French doll puts.

As you can guess, the fashion is very “girly”, but now in Japan, if you don’t watch out carefully, a Lolita fashion girl who sits next to you is might be a guy. There are 2 kinds of Lolita fashion boys. There are boys who enjoy the cute Lolita fashion exactly like girls so they put very lacy fancy skirt and high heel shoes just like a doll from a child book. Other boys enjoy the fashion in Men’s way. They put pants with a bit of black lace or white well pressed shirts just like a battler. First one is pretty shocking if you see pictures. Since the girls with Lolita fashion often put very high heels and lots of makeup, it is tough to know that a person in picture is actually a guy or not.

Boys who love Lolita fashion have a very big community so called “Otoko no ko”. In this case, Otoko means a boy, ko means a young girl. They have forums to exchange information, find a friend and there are shops to sell Lolita fashion clothes for boys as well. Even Japanese boys are often small and slim, they do need bigger size than most of girls.

Boys or girls, it really doesn’t matter if you like what you wear. I hope you are wearing the clothes you love right now.

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Weird, Dangerous yet very Sensual movie- Helter Skelter

January 17th, 2013


Did you watch a nice movie in your winter holiday? I watched some funny movies, serious movies and some original movies from over sears as well. Movies always tell me many lessons about lives, worlds and different societies. One very interesting movie was released in Japan in 2012. It is called “Helter Skelter”. It is a movie about a top model who got her beauty thanks to whole body plastic surgery. I like the director of this movie. Her name is Mika Abukawa. She is a movie director but at the same time she is a professional photographer. I like her vivid colorful pictures. I went to her gallery once to see her stunning work. I mostly saw her pictures in fashion magazines with well known models or actresses/actors, but pictures of nature or arts were also breath taking. If you have already seen her arts, you might already know what kind of pictures she takes. The world of the movie is just like the one we see in her pictures, beautiful, fantasy, dangerous and yet very sensual.

Since the main actress is a really loved by all Japanese paparazzi, there were lots of gossips and rumors about the movie before it released. The main actress, Ms Erika Sawajiri was well known as a selfish unsocial actress. I wasn’t motivated to go to watch a movie that I heard more about gossips about the actress than the movie itself. When I watched the preview of the movie, I thought I wouldn’t like the movie either. I usually don’t like a movie with mental problems or drug issues, but after the movie was released, lots of my friends recommended it to me. They said it is scary or weird movie but there is a good story behind all the images. I agree with them. It is a beautiful and artistic movie with a serious story. I don’t like the movie with drugs or mental problems because I know it is an act in a film and it makes me feel weird to watch it. I do like these kinds of topics in a book or comic books. I still felt in same in some scenes, but mostly I could enjoy the movie.

If you got bored with normal action or love romance movies, I recommend you to watch the movie. It is not a kind of movie you watch with a kid, but when you feel like you are doing routine and want to have some changes in your life, it might be a movie for you.

For 2013, I hope I can find lots of interesting movie that changes me or motivates me to be a better person.

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Be Sexy with Katana! Katana Exercise!

January 15th, 2013

The Shadow of the Leaves

Do you like to do sports? There are many sports in a market now. If you don’t want to spend so much money on it, you can simply buy a pair of running shoes and run around your house. If you can put bit money on, it would be a good idea to go to Yoga course or join a soccer team to socialize as well.  There is a one very interesting looking new exercise in Japan. It is called “Katana Exercise”. Katana means Japanese traditional sword that you see in a Samurai movie.

I found this exercise when I was looking for a Valentine’s gift for my husband. He loves Japan, Japanese culture and recently looking for a new sport to do. If we live in Japan, I will call this class immediately and take an appointment to do a trial course for him. It seems the exercise is designed to reduce fat from whole body part and build lean muscle to support a great posture. It is true that beautiful Japanese sword dancers always have very straight posture. They are slim, but not “skinny”. I will see if it is possible to find one here in France, but I doubt. We will do that next time we visit Japan.

The interesting point of this exercise is that so many people who actually tried this latest exercise said “it is very good for stress!” It seems it works well for whole part of body, but also to a mental situation. In the real life, we are not allowed to kill somebody because he/she is not kind to you or rude to somebody you love. We have to admit that we can’t love everybody around us. Job can be very stressful as well. To deal with these stresses, swinging sword with full power helps you. It is recommended to scream a bit when you swing sword down. It is also good way to release your anger. With all the methods, your arms gets tighter, the lower body muscle is nicely used to support all the poses. You use serious amount of calorie to do all the movements that you usually don’t do. I am not a kind of person who likes all the sword and guns, but reading the explanation gives me motivation to try the exercise. I do like sports to stay fit. Sweating is one of my favorite detoxification methods to stay healthy mentally and physically. If the exercise gives me nice body at the same time, I won’t say no.

I don’t know if there are some courses like that outside of Japan as well, but if there is, doesn’t it sound fun? If you are going to Japan soon, why not to find a course and do a trial lesson, it is just 60-75 minutes of your whole trip. It is surely one of the most interesting exercises I have ever seen.

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New year, new hair?

January 13th, 2013

Before & After

Do you have long hair or short hair? It is always tough to get an appointment around the end of the year and the new year’s season. Many people want to change their looks around the season it seems. Especially if you had not so good year, it is normal to want to cut the hair and change the luck a little bit. Changing a hair style can be done in many ways, but recently, among Japanese girls cutting their hair in “very short” hair style is a popular movement. As you can guess from the word “very short”, they cut their very short that we can actually see their ears from any angles. These girls say that they notice how fleshy and easy to have a short hair. It is true that it is much easier to wash and dry the hair, styling is easy too.

When I was a high school student, I always had a short hair. I did lots of sports so it was just easier for me to keep my hair short. After I met my husband, I leave my hair long. It has been like 3 years since I had a super short hair. Everybody tells me I look more feminine and better in long hair. I liked my short hair, but it is true that I feel more feminine in my long hair. Since I had a very short hair like 4 years, I do understand why girls want to cut their hair. It is fun to see the affect on the face depends on the hair style. For me, when I made my hair like a mushroom, I looked absolutely stupid and fat, but when my hair stylist shaved one side of my hair, my face looked like the half of the size it was. I was amazed how much affect one hair style can give. Also with the one side shaved hair, many people commented that I look very fashionable in very normal clothes. I had put exactly same clothes with different hair cut, but nobody told me anything, by changing the hair, the same clothes suddenly became a fashionable clothes.

Many girls cut their hair when their heart got broken by somebody. It is true that most of guys like girls with a long hair. It can be a message to the world that “I decide how I want to look like” My husband loves long hair. If I cut my hair, he will be really sad. So far that is the main reason why I keep my hair long.

If you want to look different in the new year, not just cut a bit of your hair. Why not to try the “very short” hair, I assure you that it will cut your shower time less than half. You can feel lighter in any ways as well.

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A mask for fashion and health?

January 9th, 2013

Maksed Have you seen a person who put a mask on a street? I would say “Are you ok? Of course I’ve seen one!” if I live in Japan, but if not I can’t really say that. I have never seen somebody with a mask in France except for in a hospital or a dentist. The mask I am talking about here is not the one spider man or batman puts. It is the mask like a doctor puts to cover their mouth and nose. In winter, like one third of people put a mask in Japan. It is considered as a manner to put a mask if you are sick not to make other people sick too. Now many people put masks not to get sick as well. We were told that by putting a mask, the virus don’t come into our body or by putting mask we can keep around our mouth moist so that it is good for our throats. In anyway, it is a good thing to stay healthy in wither. On May 2009, every part of Japan got crazy because of the bird flu. I remember well because my university closed because of the epidemic and it was the week of my birthday. After the flu got our attention, masks disappeared from pharmacies. People tried to buy as much as they can not to get the scary flu. Since my mother was a social worker, she got enough masks from the government. Many shops closed around the time too, but my mother had to go to work every day even there is almost nobody who comes to the city hall where she was working. It was obligation for her to put a mask while she is working. Same thing happened when there was another new flu in 2010. Since these 2 big epidemics, it started to be a normal thing to put a mask in a daily basis, but we have to admit that putting a white mask is not the sexiest thing to do. A mask makes you look sick too. For the people who want to stay fashionable, but still want to put a mask, there is a perfect item in Japan. it is called “fashion mask”. The picture I put is just with hand drawing, but the fashion mask that you can buy in Japan is with a picture that already printed and you can wash. There are many colors, characters and fun ones like with a dog mouth on. We have been told that putting mask does help not to get a cold, but there are some scientists who say a mask doesn’t do anything to prevent sickness. I don’t know who is right, but well if you are somebody who wants to put a mask, but hesitates it because of the ugly looks, try to find a Japanese fashionable mask! Thank you to read my article Ayami

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