Panty stocking for boys…?

January 31st, 2013

In a cold winter, what is the item that warms you up? I hate cold weather, but good tea and warm socks keep me alive for now. It is absolutely torture to go out from a warm bed, put work clothes and go out to go to a job. For people who don’t have a car to go to their jobs directly, it is obligation to walk a bit. We need a big coat, good boots, groves, and a hat to protect ourselves. When it is really cold, I put 2 stockings or one tight and jeans or other trousers to go out. It seems now there is a warm panty stocking for guys.

I decide to put a stocking or tights depending on the temperature and clothes I wear. When I really don’t care the appearance like when I go to ski, I put the 2 thickest tights in my closets to keep me warm. We all know that stocking is something sexy and useful, but it is annoyingly fragile. It is so easy to break. For boys, thicker tights are popular it seems. Boys don’t put skirts so it is more important that the tights are solid to cover all the men’s hard muscular bodies.


It is getting popular in this historical cold winter in Japan, but there are some problems to solve. Men are often pretty embarrassed to buy the product named “panty stocking” for themselves. Even they succeed to buy one, there are still the danger that their girl friends will see them in a romantic moment. Black tights on guys, I don’t know. It is pretty tough to imagine. Is it like a ballet dancer no? If my boyfriend put them and it warms him up, I don’t think I would mind. How about you? Will you mind?

My husband has already picked some of my high socks when he goes to ski. He said the professional or sports special shops’ socks are way too expensive even it is not that different with women’s usual socks or leggings. Of course I can’t put them anymore after he put them on though. All the elastic parts are expanded until its limitation. I don’t mind to give him one or two, but I would appreciate if he has his own one in reasonable price like I can find in girl’s socks/tights/stocking shop.

Even if you find out that your sweet heart puts tights just like you have in your closet, don’t be shocked. It doesn’t directly mean he likes to put women’s clothes or something. It can mean that he just feels really cold and need something warm. Boys, don’t hesitate to buy one if you need something more to feel warm in the cold winter. Your health is the most important thing!

Thank you to read my article.


photo by: Chris-Millett

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