Real model or the one from animation? Choose your fashion icon!

November 5th, 2012

When I was in junior high school, I was madly in love with another student who is one year older than me. He was in same junior high school with me. I looked for him everywhere in school and when there are some events like festivals or club activities, I could watch him for hours. With some efforts and helps from my friends, I got chances to talk with him. Finally I became his girlfriend for like 3 weeks, but then I discovered that he likes an anime character more than any girls in the school. My young love finished in usual kid’s fights, but even after that every time I see the character somewhere, I remember this cute and bitter memory. The character is Rei Ayanami. She is from the animation called “Evangelion”. It is very popular animation. I didn’t know it back then, but it seems even here in France it is very popular. This beautiful Rei Ayanami doesn’t just stay in imagination world. This character is the first character that ever made the first cover of the top men’s fashion magazine “smart”. This magazine is popular from the cool street fashion with interesting other articles. This dream cover came true when they made the latest movie from the Evangelion series. I have never experienced that my favorite fashion magazine with an animation character on the cover page, so I can’t say exactly, but I can guess that it is a bit weird for some of the readers and for the others, it was the dream cover.

Apparently, for the women’s magazines there are lots of pages that corroborate with animation, manga or game characters as well. Not like boy’s magazine, the characters are not there just for modeling. Since the magazines work well, more and more publishers make the connections with fashion magazines and the characters. For the girl’s magazines, the characters are more like teachers for all the troubles that we face every day. The complicated love, troubles in jobs or relationships with co workers. They make the corner to compare ourselves with the characters to see how the characters would solve the situation if they were in our positions. It is a bit odd to have these corners with unreal characters, but since more and more women enjoy the subculture like anime, manga and TV games, maybe it is easier way for the girls to see the life from different point of view.

My brothers and my father are big fans of these sub cultures. When I lived in my parents’ house I read and watched lots of them with my brothers. They are interesting and inspirational. It seems that the latest mode for the fashion industry is the corroboration with these subcultures! If you have favorite characters, take a look at on internet to see if there are some ways that you can see the fashion tips with the character.

Thank you to read my article today.


photo by: jawavs

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