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September 29th, 2012

Fashion game, I knew it exists but I have never tried to understand what the fashion game really is. My brothers are game lovers. They play video games all day long at week end when we still lived in our parents’ house. My mom was always unhappy to see the boys sticking in front of TV, so I thought that games are something not good for us.

Now I get married with another big game lover and see him playing almost every day. I don’t get upset like my mom, but I don’t understand exactly what is so good about the video game. I know it is fun to follow the stories and be a hero inside of the game. Then what is fashion game for? The first time the fashion game got my attention was thanks to an article on a newspaper. It said that fashion game causes a social problem among young children. First impression was just… “???”, but when I read the article until the end, I understood.
So this fashion game is like a social network for kids. You choose your character and a house that character lives. Inside the house there is some furniture. You can change the color or shape of the furniture if you want to, the clothes, make up and the accessories of your character too. The game got really popular among the 10-15 years old kids. They can visit each other’s houses and talk or play mini games together as well. The problem is if you want to live in nicer room with better furniture, you have to pay. If you want to get prettier clothes or special items, you have to pay as well. The price is not expensive at all, but once kids start to buy the things and see the difference, they just want to get better ones. If your friend has better one, you want to have same one or the better one. That is how it works the kids. At the end, parents get surprised with a bill that say 10 times more expensive than the last month. Now there is a system to prevent kids to use so big amount of money, but there are always ways to get money from kids for the companies which try to squeeze money from them.

For the adult, I know there are secret dating services with this kind of games. You become who you want to be in imagination world and you go to social service with your character. Of course the others look perfect as well. They are the characters the people always wanted to be in the real life. Since I met some of my friends through internet, I think the internet is a good option for somebody who tries to have more human connections. I just think it would be complicated If you want to meet somebody in real life after you know them with the imagination characters. In the real life, nobody is as perfect as in the imagination world.
Just be aware that it is in the imagination world. Don’t mix the 2 worlds together. Then everything should go fine!!

Thank you for reading my article today.

Finally Friday everyone! Have a lovely week end!


photo by: rafeejewell

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