She looks like mama? Or Mama looks like her?

September 7th, 2012

(Photo:mom and daughter moment by melgar 52)

Imagine, you are in big shopping mall , doing clothes shopping with your friends. In front of you, there are two women who put exactly same clothes. What is your first thought? Best friends? School uniforms? Some kind of cosplays? The thing is, one is around 50 years old, one is around 20 years old. So what now? The answer is, they are mother and daughter. Today’s topic is that.

Slowly but surely, there is a movement of a mother and her daughter put same(or similar) clothes, same makeup, hair and shoes. They walk hand in hand like a couple. When I first saw this, I got frozen for a moment. It’s just so weird. Usually, it is daughter’s age of clothes. So it means cheap looking clothes for 16-20 years old girl on 40-50 years old woman. Hmm… I am sorry, but even a woman looks young with all the makeup, it is odd. If my mom and me wear same clothes and makeup, my dad will be so shocked I guess. I can’t imagine what he will do about it, but he won’t let us go outside like that.

So one exercise for you, the woman in photo, how old you think she is?

(Photo:Japanese winter fashion byDan idoin)

I would probably say 20-25 years old, but the truth is, we never known. She can be 50 years old too. It happends sometimes that I go to shopping and without thinking, I see the person next to me and here she is, around 50 years old woman in very cute clothes like for 20 years old. The harsh guys say it is creepy, but for me it is just impossible to understand. Always want to stay young? Can’t forget the dream to be a princess?

I have to apologize you that I couldn’t find a better picture for you to show the example, but if you want to see one, go to big shopping mall or big city and do shopping. You will see one cute family with in same clothes for sure. In my opinion, it is sad that you try to be like friend with your mother. We have only one mom, why not to enjoy mother and daughter relationship? You can have friends as much as you want.

I am 5month pregnant and we will know the sex next month. If it is a girl, I will ask a question to myself that if I want to put same clothes with her. My sister in law often puts same clothes with her 3 years old daughter. Maybe I will try to put her same clothes with me? I have never been a mother so I can’t know the mother’s love. I will tell you in 5 month time if I changed my mind and put my kid same clothes with me.

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