Skinny Sexy Strong, that’s the Japanese girl!

October 25th, 2012

The fashion magazine called « imp swallowtail butterfly » what is your first impression? The word “imp” is used in a good way for the name. The word indicates a girl with special charm to attract boys. The look of this magazine is very flashy, sexy, gal type of fashion. Lots of makeup, super big hair like almost impossible to guess the face without any makeup on. Since I wasn’t a big fan of this kind of fashion, I didn’t even know this magazine exists until one of my very good friend said she will lose 10kg in 3 month for her new boyfriend. I really didn’t understand where the number came from and what the relation with the magazine is. I asked her to explain more to help me understand. It seems when she asked her new boyfriend what kind of girl he likes, he mentioned the name of the magazine. I knew the girl from a high school handball team that we were in. The team was pretty serious one so at that time we both had very short hair like a boy and put the boyish clothes too. After she told me the story that she wanted to be like a girl from the magazine, I went to book store with her. It was the first time for me to take a look at this famous magazine.
First image was very very flashy. Many metallic, jewelry type of items all over the pages. Second one was that the girls are all so skinny! There were profile parts to say how tall the models are and it mentions their weight as well. The weight was very shocking. At that time I understood where the 10kg came from. The worst point is that there are so many advertisements of the diet products on the back part of the magazines, diet pills, diet drinks, supplement and many kinds. Each advertisement has pictures of super skinny girls saying “I lost 20kg in one month!” or something like that. I just hoped seriously that my friend won’t buy one of those products.

But there are some good points of the magazine as well. The magazine and models have a slogan. It is to say all the girls “to be yourself”. The former top model of the magazine Ms. Momoka Eri is a single mother. She doesn’t hide it at all. She sends all the single mothers a message to stay strong. There are some models who were prostitute before they became models as well. They don’t hide their histories, but talk about it in the media to motivate girls in the same situation in Japan.

I don’t support the idea of skinny=beautiful, but to stay strong and be yourself is a very important message to all the girls including me. Let’s see how the magazine works from now on.

Thank you to read my article.


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