Skirt on guys in Japan!?

August 31st, 2012

Yes, that‘s the new fashion movement in men’s section in Japan. Like the picture, it is just simple. Men put skirts.

men in skirt Japan

Unfortunately, there are some guys who put skirts to get in women’s bathroom or steal something from girls’ dormitory. Well, the men in skirt I want to talk about here are completely different with these criminals. The guys who put skirts just like girls who change skirts and trousers depend on their moods.

I have a friend from university who put skirt more often than some girls. For him, it is just a fashion. His girlfriend likes that too. She said it’s fan to go shopping together. He is quite skinny so he can go take a look in girl’s section as well.  He doesn’t put mini skirt or very colorful stuff. He puts long and black one or white, simple one with black long sox or boots. Personally, it fits his style and I like the ideas that he can enjoy his favorite fashion no matter what people think.  Some guys did comment that it is odd or they think that he has weird hobby to disguise as a woman. That is sad that people think in that way just because he puts skirt.

Thanks to him, I just simply knew that there are guys who put skirts now.  To write this article, I made some researches about it. There are so many forums and pages to talk if it is right things to do or not. One sentence hit me through “why it’s odd that guy puts skirt and it’s not when girls put trousers. “ Ok. I know it’s very classic reason to defend men’s skirt.  But it is just so simple and true. 150 years ago, trousers on women were not normal either.

So can men’s skirts be accepted in Japan? There is a professor who works in Chiba University who started to put skirts in his classes last summer. The reason is just because it’s less hot in skirt. And it’s true. In hot India, the traditional clothe is like skirt. Japanese Yukata or Hakama is like skirt as well. Hot, humid weather like Japan, skirt is maybe just more comfortable than trousers. In a forum, a guy said that because he puts skirts, he can understand his girlfriend more. It seems he tried to ride a bicycle with skirts. As you can guess, it is not an easy job.  Also, it is not easy to walk fast if the skirt is long and tight. It is not bad thing to put skirt if your boyfriend will understand you better.

When I put the word “Men’s skirt” on Google Japan, I also got “men’s bras” or “men’s T back with tutu” as well. Hmm… I am in positive side on men’s skirt, but bras…? T back and tutu? And it seems it is not to disguise as a woman. I need to make more researches before I judge someone. Always something new to come, that is my homeland, Japan.

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