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February 11th, 2013

love myself - 梨花

Being a mother is a very tough job. There is one very beautiful mother who had a difficult pregnancy and delivery but finally got his son in her arms. Her name is Rinka. On fashion magazines, she looks absolutely stunning with beautiful clothes. In TV shows, she looks just like a girl who smiles and always has absolutely fun in any situations.

For me she was another skinny model, but after I got pregnant, she is no longer just another model for me. I start to read her blog and fascinated by her way of thinking. Even with her busy schedule, she makes time to hang out with her son, do house jobs, go to shopping, do exercise and cook healthy meals for her and her husband. I am not a mother yet, but even I don’t work I complain that I don’t have time to do many things. It is completely an excuse. I do have time if I plan my day better and not use my time to internet or TV. Every time I look at her blog she inspires me to be a better woman. Now my son can come out in any moment. I want to be an active, smart mother for him.

Doing exercise is something fun, but if you are not motivated, it is extremely unpleasant thing to think that I have to go to do some exercise to lose some weight or tight my body. It is stressing to think like that. Stress stops our body to have a full result from the exercise as well. I am somebody who loves to do sports, but once it becomes an obligation, the sports suddenly look like a boring chore. If you look the pictures she put on her blog, you will see what I meant. She has a very popular personal trainer to look after her body. Her pictures are always smiling even in the intense exercise. I can see that she is enjoying herself in any moment of her life.

She doesn’t hide her negative thinking or bad things either. We all have a bad day once a while. We have days that we just want to scream and leave everything behind. The important thing is how to recover from such a gray day. Hiding and eat lots of chocolate is one way, but it is much healthier to speak out and tell people that you have a problem. If we don’t tell anybody that we have a problem, nobody can help us.

The strong, beautiful, very creative mother now has her own fashion brand and a café. Just like she inspired me, she is inspiring lots of other women.

I can’t wait to see how she will surprise me in the future.

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photo by: chinnian

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