Snail,Snake,Bees, Yes They Make You Beautiful!

December 7th, 2012

Christmas is coming in 20 days. Did you already get nice presents to your partner or family members? If you already got a special plan for the day, just wait and enjoy the day, but if you are like me and still didn’t buy any gifts for anybody, I will give you a tip that might help you picking up a gift for your important person. If she/he is somebody who loves to try new things or the one who is really careful about the looks, it would be a perfect gift. If I translate the Japanese word directly, it would be “biological cosmetics”. The cosmetic products or make up products from new and unique ingredients.

In 2011, the skin care cream from snails got so popular after some actresses talked about on their blogs or interviews. It is the cream or oil that is made from the mucous membrane from snails. It doesn’t sound so pretty, but don’t be judgmental so soon. When snails get hurt, they produce the special chemical to heal themselves. This is the chemical that they use to help our skin to recover from the damage we got in our busy day. When I was a small girl I visited my grandmother for like 2 weeks in every summer vacation. My family and I lived in a town, but my both grandparents live in country sides. I don’t have so much memory that I saw snails around my parents’ house, but in my grandmother’s garden I saw a lot. I do remember some kind of liquid they had. I could follow them by seeing the trace on the stone that says they were there. So that was the special mucous membrane that helps our skin to stay beautiful. I can believe that it has some kind of special power, but I have to pass this one I think. I have too much memory as a kid to touch and smelled the magical ingredients.

In 2011, the snail cream got really popular. In 2012, what is in the market? It is pretty much same concept, but even weirder from my point of view. They make the miracle products from bees, snakes and sea cucumbers. From bees, they use honey. That I understand well. I have some products that made from honey as well, but they also use the poison from bees. Snake is same story. They use special technology to use the poisons to maintain the youth of skin cell. Their poisons paralyze muscles. The scientists made this feature convenient for our desire to stay young. There is absolutely no harm even if you mistakenly put the product in your mouth, but if you don’t feel comfortable to use the product, I totally understand.

Those biological cosmetic products have high risk, but at the same time there is high return enough to let people use. So can you think anybody to offer this unique gift for the Christmas?

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photo by: graftedno1

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