Strong and sexy- a movie of Japanese courtesan

October 7th, 2012

Do you know Oiran? It is Japanese courtesan that existed in 18th century. It is different from Geisya. This picture is from a movie called “Sakuran”. It is the movie that shows a girl’s life. The girl was sold by their parents to the prostitute town called “Yoshiwara”. It was the famous town that men go to get fun from outside of the real life. In the movie, we can see many beautiful women in gorgeous Japanese costumes. This movie was in the theater in 2007. Still now, thanks to this movie a lot of young girls are interested in Kimono and other Japanese traditional costumes again. I remember well the first time I watched this movie. It was inside my apartment just after I broke up with somebody. I was sad and ate as much sweet stuff as I want to feel better. I chose like 10 movies in rental dvd store to kill some time and not to feel alone in my apartment. After I watched this movie, I felt that I have to be strong to be beautiful. The other thing hit me hard were the women in this movie look very beautiful not just with the looks. Their movement and way of using words are beautiful. If you are a guy maybe you will have different opinion, but I thought they look even sexier when they have some clothes on. It is the movie about a prostitute town. So there are some seen with naked women, but you will see that they look very attractive with movement and words in their clothes too.

I put Kimono like once a year for the New Year’s Day. I always put the colorful one, but I have to admit that my mom looks much better in Kimono even her Kimono is something very simple and not so colorful. Sometimes in the town or station, you can see people in kimono, but every time I think the person look pretty on kimono is the one like 40 years old or more. I think to look good in Kimono, you need something like maturity or intelligence. Not like mini skirt or bikini, you can’t look good and sexy just because you are young and have a good figure in Kimono.

It is something very good that young people start to get interested in the traditional clothes because of the movie. It will help Japanese industry and save the culture. Some young people put race or boots with Kimono. It can look a bit of weird, but if they enjoy using kimono as an item for their daily fashion, I think it is fantastic. We can’t stay very traditional all the time. We should find the middle grand to respect the tradition and still enjoy the Japanese culture.

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photo by: chiaki0808

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