Strong, sharp new Japanese muse- Ms. Rinko Kikuchi

December 22nd, 2012

Norwegian Wood - Rinko Kikuchi 1

The first time I saw her was in the advertisement of a movie “Babel”. It was the movie that made Ms.Rinko Kikuchi one of the most famous Japanese actresses in Japan. When I saw her on TV, I thought she looks scary. I didn’t watch the movie, but next time I saw her it was on the advertisement for a perfume. She looked so different from the movie advertisement I saw. If you already know her face and body, you might be able to understand the thing I am saying. She is not exactly the typical popular Japanese actress or model. Her eyes are very sharp, she is very skinny and her hair is often very short. Inside the movie, she looks absolutely different person in each movie. It just means she is a very good actress, but in an advertisement poster or TV commercial, she just looks stunning. I don’t know exactly what is the power, but her gaze, her way of looking at the camera makes me want to look at her as long as possible. That kind of power makes her a muse to a top brand like Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

Now she is one of the most popular models that professional cameramen want to take pictures of. Japanese women are not tall like European women, don’t have long leg like American women, don’t have dark skin to make women look sharp and strong, but we have very beautiful almond shape eyes and inside strength to get through the tough situations. That’s what you can see from her picture. In any outfit, with any hair cut, you can see her strength from her eyes, but at the same time kindness and fragile side of her revealed depends on the picture. All the things make your eyes stick to her.

In 2013, she will be in at least 2 new movies. She is also very popular for fashion magazine as a muse of snap shots. Her dresses and hair styles on premier or movie festivals are always something people are looking forward to. The paparazzi already found out what is going on in her love life and keep us posting regularly. It seems our new muse is successful in her private life as well. I believe that every woman needs light partner to look fabulous. No wonder all Japanese paparazzi are trying so hard to take a picture of this lucky partner of Ms. Rinko Kikuchi.
She amazes us with her talent of acting, strength from inside and originality of the fashion sense. In 2013, I can’t wait to see what Ms. Kikuchi are planning to surprise us more.

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