Stylish or not? Paper agenda

December 5th, 2012

I have always thought a person with a small bag looks cool. My mother always brings so heavy and big bag. She had everything in her bag, several books, medicines, small snacks, her agenda and more. Now as an adult woman, I have lots of bags. I try to keep my bag small, but it has not been so successful. I hate when I have to make a bag upside down to look for something (key, my coin case etc). My wallet is big and my agenda takes pretty big space as well. I bring my agenda to everywhere I go. Do you keep your plan in your mobile phone? Or you use a paper agenda like me?
I think it is cool and smarter to use a mobile phone to keep your plan to reduce the luggage and at the same time it inform you important thing as you want, but I stick to the paper agenda. The reason is easy. It is more fun to use paper agenda to keep the plan. For me, the agenda is a diary, to do list, and more. My cover for the agenda has lots of pockets so it helps me to carry the things I need as well. So far I have my medicine for migraine, letter stump that I can write to my family and friends pretty much everywhere I go, mirror, sewing set, address book, some family pictures, post it and time table for the train. When I write down, it sounds a lot of things for an agenda. That’s why I bring it everywhere I think.

Even now 2012 in one of the most technologically developed countries in the world, people who use paper agenda is a lot in Japan. Now for the business scene, paper agenda is recommended to have a successful career in the future as well. In this business plan, the action of writing and planning the future are the key. For that plan, paper agenda is so far the best choice to do. Paper agenda is the easiest choice to write down and plan the days for your ideal future.

When I use my agenda here in France, many people comment that it looks very useful. I am proud to say that I bought the agenda and the cover in Japan. I have always thought that having a smaller bag is more fashionable, but maybe I was wrong. The person who looks stylish is somebody who likes what they are doing and knows what is going on in the life.

I will continue to use the paper agenda like I do right now and see if I can be one of the stylish adult with my planning system.

Thank you to read my article!


photo by: arquera

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