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November 17th, 2012

Have you ever joined a wedding party? It is always nice to be there with great foods to celebrate the big day for our family and friends. I have been to Japanese wedding only once. In France I went like 5 wedding parties. I know some of my friends are now married in Japan. The thing I do know is that wedding is pretty different depends on the countries. Since we didn’t have much money, our wedding was very simple. Here in France, the wedding party is something you dance and have fun with big great meal. In Japan, there are 2 or 3 parts. If it is the wedding with 3 parts, they go to church first to get married. It is the oddest part in Japanese wedding. Only 10 percent of the population is Christian, but more than 10 percent of people have this ceremony. I have never got a chance to ask somebody why on earth they do it, but I assume that it is because it looks nice in the pictures. The only one wedding that I have been in Japan was for my uncle. He got married with his co worker 12 years ago. I was small, so it didn’t occur me to ask him that why they are married in a church, but now I do wonder, because I know that he is not Christian and his wife came from a family of shrine. Well, I will ask them why they did it if I got a chance.

The second part is a dinner with lots of emotional scenes. Usually for the second part, very close friend and family are invited. There are often letters that a bride reads for her parents or speeches from the people who know 2 of them well. The part is usually very calm. The third part is with all the friends and co workers. Usually it is more like a big party with lots of games and shows. Often some groups of friends provide songs or dances to entertain the wedding.

That is a typical wedding in Japan. Most of the people get married the way I wrote, but there are always some other choices for the ones who don’t want the normal one. The popular ones are the wedding that you have in special places like Disney land or Sanrio Park. Over there, you can have your wedding with the characters from the Disney or Sanrio. I saw a Disney wedding in front of the castle of Cinderella. It is very romantic, but I think the guy has to agree to have the ceremony with all the fantasies.

Japanese wedding is pretty original. If you got a chance to be invited to Japanese wedding, enjoy your day and difference of the culture.

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