The power of your lucky color!

November 11th, 2012

In Japan, we say that girls love fortune-telling. Do you say that too in your country? There are million ways of telling fortune. If you are interested in the lucky color, you can simply put a TV program every morning. Some morning shows have horoscope corners to say what will be the lucky item or lucky color for you today. When I was in junior high school, it was my habit to watch my horoscope around 8 AM before to leave the house to go to my school. In a high school, I watched the one at 7 AM before to catch a train to go to school. They repeat the same corner like 4 times every hour for people who have different morning schedules. The day I have big exams or the day I have a date, I always checked the lucky color of the day to make the day better with the power of a color. Now when I think about it, I believed in the color thing a bit too much, but it did help me to have some courage to the things I had to do back then.

There are no scientific back up to the stories of the lucky color or lucky advice of the horoscope. It is always about some hopes. If you can really believe that because you put your lucky color, your day will be better from bottom of the heart, your day will be much easier one to go through. For the exam, after you studied as much as you can, the thing you can do in last 5 minutes are not much, but if you can prepare yourself for the big examination and have confidence about what you will write or say, it will make the things different.

There was a famous lady in my hometown. She was called Mrs. Purple. I don’t think people really called her in that way, but at least we called her so when we were kids. I didn’t get a chance to ask her why she puts all purple every single day, but I think it was because her favorite color, or because the purple was her lucky color. My grandmother put her lucky color when she has something important too. Her lucky color is light yellow. When she put her favorite light yellow summer knit, she always looks assumed.

Unfortunately I don’t have my personal lucky color, but if I get a chance, I would love to know that which color is that. So when I get some problems, maybe the color will help me in the future. If you don’t know your lucky color either, it won’t be so bad idea to check out your important color.

Thank you to read my article.


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