The test of this year’s luck- A package of luck

January 4th, 2013

AIGLE(エーグル)の福袋 メンズL 2011

When I was a university student, I was a waitress in an organic restaurant and shop assistant in a small clothes store before I start to work as a cook in the restaurant. It was just like 3 month I worked for the clothes store, but I had lots of new experiences that I didn’t have before. One of them is a preparation for their winter sale. Winter sale is usually held around the beginning of January, but the sale I am talking about is the very special sale that all Japanese girls who love fashion are waiting for. It is the special sale that is held on first, second and third January. These 3 days are so called “Oshougatsu” in Japan. All the government offices close this time of the year. It is the period that all the busy Japanese people are supposed to get some rest and store the energy to start the New Year, but people who work for a department store or a clothes shop are different. It is one of the busiest days in a year. There are special products for this period. It is called “Fuku bukuro” in Japanese. If I translate it would be “Package of luck”. It is usually a bag with lots of random products inside. So the customers can’t choose what is inside of the bag, but the price of the whole package is much lower than the total prices of the things inside. So if your luck of the year is good, you will have lots of good products in much lower price than it supposed to be.

I had to make 200 of the packages with my co workers at the place that I was working. We separated the items depends on the size and put them in 200 of big bags. We had to consider what to put together not to let down any customers. It was fun, but making 200 of them was like a torture. On the first January, all of them were sold. Surely it was something the customers were waiting for the first day of the year.

For me New Year’s Day is something you just do nothing but eat, take a nap and watch TV, but apparently people do go out and enjoy the day with shopping. It was a bit surprising for me. I think it is good habit though. Watching TV and eating all day long just make us fat and unhealthy. It is much healthier and better to go out to buy pretty clothes for the New Year.

How did you spend the first 3 days of 2013? I hope you kicked a good start of 2013!

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photo by: yto

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