The War of Illumination!

December 26th, 2012

Holiday Under the Stars
Merry Christmas everyone! Do you enjoy your holiday? Not so much hangover from yesterday? We came back home 3AM yesterday so it was a bit weird day today. We woke up around noon, eat a bit of chocolate and Christmas cookies, organize the gifts, cleaning houses and now already night. I wish the holiday would last forever, but well every holiday will finish someday. Let’s enjoy the rest of holiday everyone!

Until the end of the year, we can see the amazing beautiful illumination all over the town. It stays pretty much same every year, but still the magic of illuminations is something that makes us excited just like when we were kids. In Japan, many towns have illuminations around the Christmas time, but mostly the illuminations that shops make are more gorgeous. When I was a little girl, I loved the illumination of an electronic store. The store is one of the biggest ones around the place I lived. They make a small space in their garage to put shiny Santa Clause and deer. Like 10 years ago, illumination was something that shops or towns do to please people, not the people like us do in our own houses, but little by little it changed. Now if you go to a street that rich people live, you would be confused that the place actually looks more like an exposition of illuminations. The restaurant I had worked for 3 years was in an upper-class location. There are lots of big houses with nice gardens. Every end of November so many big tracks came to install pretty equipments for the illumination wars. I just worked over there for 3 years, but in the 3 years every year the illumination got bigger and bigger. I always talked with my coworkers that they were actually fighting to be the most gorgeous house in the Christmas season. Since our restaurants had a lot of regulars from the neighborhood, it was fun to see which customer put what kind of illuminations. I always made a big tour before to go back home to see the fancy illuminations they got.

The illuminations were so big that looked actually bit silly for a private house, but there were good points too. Usually around the street there were not so much lights. It could be a bit scary to go back home when I worked late, but from the end of November to New Year, there were absolutely no need to worry. The street was even too blight to walk.

It has been 2 years I didn’t see the illuminations of the street I loved. If I can go back to Japan someday around the time, I would definitely make a visit to check how big their illumination became in a few years!

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